4 Easy Methods Of online Earning .

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How to earn money form YouTube.

4 Easy Methods Of online Earning . YouTube is very easy platform to earn money online here you can upload videos on your Channel you just need to create a new YouTube channel and you have to get 1K subscriber and 4000 watch time and then you can apply for monetization for that you need adsense account .The Adsense account is free you can create go link and create account. there are many people in the World that use YouTube for earning more money and you can also earn money easily from YouTube there are many YouTube channels that on more than one lakh$ rupees per month from YouTube.

How to earn money from Facebook online Earning.


Facebook is also a social media platform where you can create Facebook page and upload videos and do your Facebook page will be monetized in Facebook you can easily monetize your Facebook because we can get more traffic than YouTube. For Facebook monetization you need to 60k  minute watch time and in you just 60 days and you have five active videos on your Facebook page then you face Facebook page will  monetize and you can earn money from Facebook. Lots of people use in US UK and other countries that are a lot of money from Facebook because Facebook is wider and get more views on Facebook.

How to earn money form Blogger.

The third option is blogger. is very easy to just new to blogger.com and you just need to create a blog and you have to just create reactions account and when your blog will get extra traffic and Views you can apply for at AdSense. if you upload more then 500 article you can earn 3000$ monthly easily from blogger.com

How to earn money form Website.

There aren’t many people that create website you need to buy domain name are you need to purchase hosting and you can create a website using WordPress or any other and write 30 or 60 article when your website get traffic and you can apply for adsense you just need to create the account and just connect your Adsense with your website and apply for monetization on your website will be monetized and you can easily earn more than 30,000 to 60000 per month are you the website will be old.

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