best AdSense alternatives for a blogger?| Ezoic vs AdSense

best AdSense alternatives for a blogger?| Ezoic vs AdSense

Today we are going to talk about the best alternative for AdSense. Ezoic vs AdSense Now a day many people are using AdSense but maybe they are rejected because AdSense has a very strict rules for traffic if your website is monetized. Google address is a very popular advertiser network where you can monetize your website and earn money.


If you want to monetize your website through Google AdSense you have to create a block YouTube channel or any other thing with people can reach and read your content for example if you create blog website you have to write content when the people read your content you can apply for AdSense your website will be monetized and you will be earned by ads.

How does Google AdSense work?

Can you write content on your website Google AdSense place ads according to your content and visitor for example if you write content according to the tech-related Google AdSense provide ads according to tech nich.

Azoic VS Adsense.

How Adsense pay.

AdSense gives earnings according to the user’s click on add when someone clicks on add AdSense gives some money according to the CPC off ads. It also depends on the location of visitor if your visitor is from a Europe country you will get more revenue from your ads.

How Ezoic Works.

But ezoic works in some different ezoic is artificial intelligence base advertiser network to place ads using artificial intelligence it’s more better than AdSense. Because AdSense pays according to click off Visiter. And the Ezoic pay also pay on Clicks on ads but also its provide income and revenue throw 1000 pageviews. At starting of your website your website will approve from ezoic on starting of traffic as it pays 3$ to 4$ per 1000 page views.  When azoic places premium ads on your website it will pay 40$ to 50$ dollar per 1000 pageviews.

How to create specific niche website and ERn Money Online.

Azoic Requirement.

 best AdSense alternatives for a blogger? You want to improve your website through Azoic. the Azoic requirement you must have 10000 pageviews per Month. But now anyone can apply for Azoic to approve your website.  Your website should be good-looking and add a privacy page contact us page and DMC pages Mast then you can live for it and your website will be approved.

Ezoic Premium ads:

After some time when your website will approve and you will get a good traffic pageview your website will be added in premium ads. Now you will earn more if you get 1000 page views you will get 40 to 50 dollars per 1000 pageviews you will also get extra traffic from Google searching your website you will be optimized automatically.

It also increases your traffic by improving your website Search Engine Optimisation

Ezoic Earnings:

For best AdSense alternatives for a blogger Ezoic pays more than Google AdSense because it’s also 1000 pageviews on starting of Ezoic. if The website will be old on Ezoic .Ezoic as a place premium add on your website and you will earn 40 to 50 dollars are 1000 page views. It also provides many free tools to increase your website traffic by Google and Search Engine Optimisation it will also tell you the error in your website which you can optimize and increase your website traffic.

Ezoic Chrome Extention:

Ezoic has Chrome extensions that you can use and play automatic ads on your website using artificial intelligence you can also provide and play ads by custom. I think I have your Chrome extension its good for clicking add because if check page load time and according to page load time it ads place.


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