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how to schedule a video on youtube.

importance of an upload schedule Videos on Youtube.

I want to talk about the importance of an upload schedule when you’re starting out and really just you know even when you’re at your channel has a lot of traction. Now it is not necessary in my opinion to have an upload schedule but it can certainly help you get traction. The main reason being is your audience whether it once you start building know like and trust with certain audience members and certain subscribers they’re going to come back and they’re going to know when to expect your content.

YouTube Upload Schedule Videos.
YouTube Upload Schedule Videos.

So it’s gonna give it that initial push to get it out there and get it eyes on other people that might not be potentially subscribed. That might not you know potentially be getting your your videos in their feed all the time because the people that know like and trust you are going to know when your content comes out typically and they’re going to go to that video or they’re already going to have the bell notified right to get them notified and they’re going to go and watch your video first and give it that initial push to get it out there to other people. So upload schedule while I do think people over like kind of you know overemphasize these little things in the grand scheme of things.

It’s I like to tie back to a diet not to get off on a tangent but it’s like people always ask me because I used to be in nutrition and fitness a lot and I still am but I don’t teach it anymore you know what are certain little things should they do this diet plan right. Should they do intermittent fasting. Should they only eat eat protein and do you know like literally cut out all the carbs on their diet. And I would always be like you know another thing right.

That’s like should they do drop sets in the gym. Should they do a Monday Wednesday Friday split or legs or whatever right. And when I’m trying to say is it’s the same thing with an upload schedule on the same thing with YouTube it’s like people overlook the simplicity of it because they’re looking for some secret or something they think it has to be so complex and it doesn’t OK.

So while I think upload schedule and things like this are one thing that you could totally overlook because in the grand scheme of things you should just be focused on putting out quality content slowly

improving your videos and giving value to your audience.

That is just like a diet right. Just like working out ninety five percent of working out in a diet is literally just going through the motions right. It’s trying to improve your lives every single day in the gym and get a little bit stronger. It’s eating healthy.

Super simple right.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t do any other set like complex stuff if you just focus on those main things you’re going to get ninety five percent of the way there. But people want to focus on the five percent of things that are like super complex that only matter once you’re already there with the good simple stuff and you’re already kind of progressing.

Then the other little 5 percent makes a slight difference right.

But they want to ignore the 95 percent and they’re focused on the 5 percent of stuff that doesn’t really
matter and hence why they don’t really see the results that they’re looking for.
Why am I telling you this what’s the metaphor for it.
Same thing with YouTube.
Same thing with business same thing with anything right.
Focus on what works for you.
Focus on the important things.
They’re simple they’re always simple.
It doesn’t have to be complex.
There’s no secret quality content.
Get quality content out there build traction keep it in the same niche and most importantly improve
your videos and give value to your audience.

That said if you do want to focus on the five percent that can potentially help once you get there and upload schedule can certainly do so because like I said it’s going to let your audience know when to expect your content. One of the ways that you can do it is the same time every day. So potentially like 2  p.m. every single day is when I schedule my clip channel.

The people that start to gain traction there know that the videos come out at 2 p.m. every single day right. Another way that you can do it is you know same time or days every single week. Right. That’s another way. Right.

Reasonable example.

Another a few examples that most people tend to do that I see a lot across the industry are Monday that Monday Wednesday Friday split or once a week if you’re really producing high quality content or every other day. The key here is it doesn’t matter with your upload schedule like I said it’s not necessary. It can certainly help.

But the key is just to try to keep it consistent as you can because if you can keep it consistent your audience is going to know when to expect your content. OK. Now keep in mind too that you want to kind of look at your potential audience or your ideal audience that you’re trying to grow where you know where are they. Where do they live.

Right that matters what country because the country is going to dictate their time zone. What are they most likely going to be access and YouTube. Right. So I teach a lot of different people in the entire world so I have viewership all over the world but for my main online arbitrage channel I’m mainly focused on U.S. based people because that’s the easiest for me to teach because I’m in the U.S. and I do online arbitrage in the U.S. as well. Right.

Youtube video upload time  and Check Your audience time.

So my ideal audience is somebody that’s gonna be on a similar time zone than me. You know depending obviously you have like Eastern Standard Time Central Time and the Pacific Time in the U.S. but I need to keep in mind what time of the day is it. You know when these people are going to be accessing it What is it lunch for them right.

For Example For YouTube Upload Schedule Videos

Am I trying to put a video out at lunch when people can watch it on their lunch break. And I try to put a video out in the morning so people can watch it before they go to work. Right. Am I trying to put a video on up after dinner so people can watch it after they’re settled down and ready to kind of do so. The whole point being. Keep in mind where you’re idea deal audience lives in the world what their timezone is and more importantly

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