Blockchain business landscape and blockchain business ideas.

Blockchain business landscape and blockchain business ideas.

We’ll be examining the Blockchain business landscape Industrial which will be going through the

  • stages of the Blockchain adoption process.
  • The investments made in this industry 
  •  the most notable investors which are the biggest companies
  • which are working in the space finally will be taking a look at the entire blockchain landscape divided.


By different vertical use cases etc. Now as I mentioned in the introductory video I wanted this course to be more on the business side and the economic side. There’s a lot of content and technology but we need to understand where we can use this technology and

To help all of you understand where you need to invest your time. You are not in a single word. Yes. But let us examine how this industry is performing. So let us just quickly go through our device the concept of blotching the blockchain is a decentralized digital Ledger in the form of an open source code.

Blockchain business landscape.

It exists as a distributive database system that maintains a continuously growing list of other records. Now that is a very systematically structured definition with important words but we’ve already covered this in the previous article so let us quickly have a look at the blocking timeline what the adoption process what has been the progress so far.

And so when two experts expect this technology to be completely adopted I phoned a popular timeline on a marsh in say so if you look at the history and this part is common between all the predictions that you’ll get and you’ll find many predictions many forecasts about this industry and that we are

just examining one of them as a Blockchain business landscape guideline.

  • So to look at the history in 2008 Satoshi Nakamoto releases the white paper on Bitcoin and although we did not know at the time the blockchain was powering this very concept it is in 2013 that people
  • started exploring blockchain use cases even more than Bitcoin use cases.
  • And concepts like it Tarion and the Bitcoin project do launch now.
  • It Carian is a very different kind of system or a different kind of company.
  • It’s a crowdfunding platform that allows everyone to adopt the blocking technology.
  • It is very similar to the blockchain. 

However, with certain changes led by taluk bittering, this is one of the most revolutionary companies that has come along in a long while we will be making a separate video on it Terry Malone in 2015 capital market players including control teams like our three and D.H. start collaborating amongst the largest financial institutions to create blotching networks for inter-company transactions and other use cases R3 has become a huge entity right now and again we’ll be looking at a different article. Just to address the progress of our three and a future outlook in 2016 startups and bang started investing in blotching startups start spending time in looking at ways use cases or blockchain and coming up with Busey’s and Bangs.

Start investing in blockchain.

Now this has been the history to the year of 2016. Currently, we are in 2017 and let’s see what the road ahead takes us. In 2018 experts expect disruptive applications to start being used by 2023 blockchain technologies should replace the existing systems and experts believe by the use of 2026 the blockchain shall be widely adopted in all industries.

Now let’s start taking a look at some of the investments that have been made in this bill. Now a total of 1.4 billion dollars was invested into the blockchain by 2015 and the investments made by VCs have had a huge spike in the year 2015. If you look at this graph clearly you will see that the number of deals peaked in the year 2014 and have been reducing ever since.

And this is because the VC funds the venture capital funds and the funds have recognized the leading players in this market and have started focusing more funding on those companies alone. And this can be explained by 2015 where the amount of investment grows but the number of deals was low now poor amount of investment and number of deals went downwards in the year 2016 one research report says that this is because VCs are now expecting companies to come up with adoption rather than pure CS.

When we look at the future outlook we look at how there has been an abundance of the pure season in the market but it is finally time for us to start actually using this technology. Now let’s have a look at the top investors in the top and Westies.

I downloaded some of the data from blockchain dot info and I kind of ranked them from largest to smallest in terms of the amount of investment between the 400 investors and the blockchain ranging from institutional investors to hedge funds and investment banks. They also Chennai’s the largest players that have the hardest data collective MFJ Andreessen Horowitz

is another B that has been specifically focusing on blockchain. They have been betting big on this new technology you have although funds like the Union Square Ventures and the Graylock partners which lead this list have also found some actually nice like becoming Pandit the xed chief of Citigroup to have invested in this technology. Now, where has this money gone?

Lets have a look at the top investors who have again run this data on the basis of the largest companies.

in terms of funding received as you can see in this graph. This group is led by so-called Internet financial which has received over a whopping two hundred million dollars in funding so far. It is followed by companies like Apple labs who have their own cryptocurrency and have operated in the intercompany transaction spill and by Coinbase which is another one that now you’ll see that most of these companies are in the bitcoin.

Why is this.

You must be puzzled because I just mentioned that Bitcoin is not blocked in chine and there are so many other use cases that we shall be examining now. The reason is that these companies started much earlier the use case of Bitcoin was how blockchain started in fact it was after Bitcoin was introduced that people came up with the technology of blockchain. Thus the reason that so many investments have gone to these companies is just that they had been working on this for a while.

Whereas the use cases for braccia are comparatively new although they have a brighter future. They are still in the proof of concept phase and haven’t been implemented yet. And this is why you will find most of the leading blockchaing companies to be operating within the bitcoins or whether it is inter-company remittances whether it is transactions etc we will be looking at

some of the non-Bitcoin companies that have come up and have started operating let us have a quick look at some of the top companies working in the blocking space. Now for the first one is going desk and its my favorite cryptocurrency news channel. Its a bitcoin news agency and it provides news and analysis on digital currencies. I get a lot of my information and updates from the site and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to be updated on Bitcoin.

The second to the TV now TVM is an open source platform to write and distribute de-centralized application methods. This is truly one of the most revolutionary companies of the century. Right from the concept of where they operate to the technique of funding they have used crowdfunding platforms and ensure they are not weighed down by their investors. They are the leading company in the public blotching era.

But let’s approach the private blockchain was a public doctor in concept a little later. Food company’s ripple ripple allows low-cost international beamin solutions for different companies. And finally, the next exchange which is a bitcoin exchange offering over 100 BTC markets pre-treating. Now, these are just some of the top companies. This list can vary from person to person. I’ve picked out some of those companies which is which have appealed to me a lot and have generated a lot of traction in the market.

Now let’s look at some of the miners.

And let’s not forget the importance of my nose my nose are what support the network. If you’re my nose go your network collapses. So let us all to examine the mining rules. What is a mining boom. It is simply an infrastructure set up by a company for the sole purpose of mining bitcoins or mining transactions of verifying and validating transactions. Again most of the mining pools today operate in the bitcoin spill discuss fish and lead this list. I’ve ranked this list on the basis of high street the high street the number of hashes that they are

solving in a given bit of time.

Essentially you can use the high street as a measure of how active that particular mine wall is so discuss fish and pool and pool of course being led to by the leaping network are now being called into financial ruin. These are some of the companies which are the most active in this mining industry. And finally let’s have a look at this picture of Fronde from frost and Sullivan and the outlier ventures and I really think it’s one of the best pictures out there if you want to look at the blotching Lansky they are divided blotching into the different use cases the different industries.

And you can see the leading companies within that industry right from the blockchain consulting to media social network enterprise infrastructure. And the big one right down there the left-hand corner the financial services infrastructure there you see companies like they are three the ripples. So you can just pause the video right now and have an insightful look at different companies. I would recommend you follow up on all these companies and read about them read about what they’re doing this will give you further insight into the different use cases of blotching we will be covering many of these use cases.

And as time goes on in this article series as soon as I get to know a new interesting use case I will make a article of it and upload it to the series. However you can start with your own research by just looking at these companies.

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