Concept of Marketing | 5 Different Concepts of Marketing

Concept of Marketing | 5 Different Concepts of Marketing

Concept of Marketing we are going to discuss.

The concept marketing is a philosophy that provides an idea that branch should analyze the needs of their potential customers and make a first to satisfy don’t need marketing is a department of management that tries to do right things that make their customers happy and as a result, they can sell maximum goods and services into the market and can complete loss of their customers this concept is originated from Adam Smith book the wealth of nations but would not become widely used until nearly 200 yours letter marketing concepts are directly related with three things.

Three things you need according Adam Smith book.

  • Needs
  • Wants
  • Demand

what are they need want and demand what need is need is the basic human requirements like shelter clothes food water extra these are essential for human beings to survive this is something necessary for people to live healthy stable and safe life when need to remain on fulfilled the clear and was outcome which results in that therefore we relate need within necessity with the basic requirement without which we can’t leave because the Seconds we have want want we see it as Desire of someone things without which we can survive but we need them for providing a high satisfaction for example we want want phone but without the phone also begins the values when we have demand something which we are willing and able to buy under something that you want to buy organs you and your pocket allows its consumption that is you can a phone for it does that thing become your demand for example I have thousands of rupees in my pocket and I want to see a movie was ticket is what rupees 500 since I wanted and I can afford it so I demanded movie ticket so here we have seen on these three terms what is need without which we can survive what is want which is a step ahead without which we can survive but we wanted to satisfy yourself know what is demand we want to buy something and we have enough money to buy that product that means that product is mine demand we have seen the three things which are directly related with Marketing concept next we have find Marketing concept.

What are Five Marketing concept .

5 Concepts of Marketing . Concept of marketing

  1. Production concept .
  2. Product concept.
  3. Selling concept.
  4.  Marketing concept.
  5.  Societal Marketing.

1. Production concept

The  concept of these terms in detail point we have production concept this concept is the oldest on the concepts and business it holds that consumers will prefer a product that is widely available and inexpensive managers focusing on this concept concentrates on achieving high production efficiency low cost and mass distribution assume that consumers are primarily interested in product availability and low prices this orientation make sense in developing countries where consumers are more interested in obtaining the product then its features.

 2. Product concept.

Orientation holds that consumers will they were those products that offer the most quality performance and innovative features managers focusing on this concept concentrate on making superior products and improving them over time to time this assumes that buyers and Maya will meet products and appraise quality and performance.

3. Selling concept.

Another common business orientation it hold that consumer and business if left alone will ordinarily not buy enough for selling companies brother, therefore, organization mistake and aggressive selling and promotional efforts this concept is assumed that consumers typically show buying behavior it also assumes that the company has the whole battery of effective selling and promotional tools to stimulate more buying behavior among the customers most firms practice the selling concept when they have an overcapacity of production their aim is to sell what they have made rugged and make what the market.

4. Marketing concept

Marketing concept of cases on needs wants of the target market and delivering value better than competitors Marketing concept leaves and pull strategy and says that you need to make your brand so strong that competitive themselves prefer your brand over every other competitor that can be achieved through marketing promotion and Advertising point .

5. Societal Marketing

This concept holds that the organization’s task is to determine the need want and interest of the target market and to deliver the desired satisfaction more effectively and efficiently than that of competitors this concept originally holds that this almost be done in a way that preserves or enhance the consumers and the societies will be so here.

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