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Does we need to buy Youtube Views Subscriber and likes?

Does we need to buy Youtube Views Subscriber and likes? So this is going to be a very simple and to the point article but it’s super crucial. So please please please heed my warning. OK.

Don’t buy subs don’t buy views don’t buy comments and don’t buy likes.

Why am I telling you that. Is it because there’s some all powerful YouTube algorithm or YouTube you know overseer that’s going to find out that you did it. No not necessarily. But even if let’s assume that you went to a Web site that wasn’t shady right there they’re all already shady because I’ve looked into them previously when I was thinking about doing it.

how does the youtube algorithm work 2022.
how does the youtube algorithm work 2022.

We’re doing it when I first started my channel.

Everybody goes through that point where they kind of hit the you know okay I’m not really getting the traction I want. Is it time to buy subscribers to get to that X mark or maybe buy subscribers to get monetized right to get that to that thousand hour or the thousand subscriber tier essentially to get potentially ad revenue. Right.

Does we need to buy Youtube Views Subscriber and likes?

And what I’m trying to tell you is even if you went to a Web site and it was a fully legit Web site and they actually took your money and delivered the subs that they promised you which I would even venture to assume would be a stretch right. Let’s even say that that happened right. You have spent an x amount of money you got x amount of subscribers or you spent X amount of money and

you got any of these other things I’m saying don’t purchase it would actually hurt your channel. It would torpedo your channel. First and foremost YouTube does these purges these annual purchase where they kind of look at these things and while they won’t necessarily shut your channel down unless you’re like you can just blatantly doing it and blatantly disregarding the terms of service if you buy here a little bit here or a little bit of subs here or a little bit of user a little bit of likes here they’re not necessarily going to shut your channel down but what they will do is they’ll take them all away. Right.

how does the youtube algorithm work 2022.
how does the youtube algorithm work 2022.

It happens to me.

I don’t even buy subs I don’t even buy views or I don’t buy any of these things and it happens to me it happens to everybody else I network with. There’s a time during the year where YouTube does these annual purges and they’ll go through it though and they’ll literally say to you it looks like you have you know X amount of fake views or X amount of of potential X like we’re removing a lot of these you know simulated likes or simulated views on your channel. Right.

So they already do that so you’re wasting your money and that’s number one.

Number two even if you went to the site.Right. I almost just gave me the finger. Even if you went to the site. Right. And then they you know they delivered the views or the subs that they promised you. Right. And even if YouTube didn’t take them away in the future it would still hurt your channel. The reason being is it’s going to kill your engagement. And we’ve already talked about when we talked about the YouTube algorithm and all the factors that go involved in ranking your videos against other related videos and getting your videos the initial push if you buy subscribers for example just to give you the number one because that’s what most people want to do.

If you buy subscribers what it’s going to do is it’s going to give you dead subscribers that are either bots or don’t care about your channel and your videos are gonna be pushed out to those people and they’re not going to engage with their content. And that’s going to kill your engagement rate in the future and hurt your channel in the long run.

So heed my warning Don’t do it.

Don’t buy subs don’t buy views don’t buy comments don’t buy likes don’t buy anything. It’s about consistent progress and putting out consistent quality content improving your content and building a niche audience where you can then use that as a springboard to get your content out to other people. That’s how you grow. Don’t buy anything.

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