Key constituents of Mutual fund

Good to know facts about Mutual Fund industry

Good to know facts or myths about investing in mutual funds. So let us start go to new facts.
They are total folly for asset management companies in India. We have around twenty five hundred plus of mutual fund schemes.

Now, there are some myths, first one is that we required a large amount of money to start investing. It is not risky. It is not right. So we discussed about S&P. Systematic investment plan.

Yes, so true, I say we can invest as many members will be 500 as well in mutual funds. Low energy funds are better and if it means net asset value of a mutual fund. So when we compare to mutual funds, we as an investor think that and if the energy is low, then that fund is better because they can invest a lot of money where if the enemy is high, I can invest no amount of money, which is not correct. Third one is we need to be an expert to start investing. Not at all.

And pretty short, after completing this course, you will be able to invest yourself in mutual funds for short. Last point is, historical returns indicate better returns in future. It is a very big myth that people follow. If a portfolio manager was able to give good returns in a mutual fund and historically so it’s not sure that he would be able to give better returns in the future as well.

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