how does the youtube algorithm work 2022.

how does the youtube algorithm work 2022.

So let’s talk about the YouTube algorithm. And I’m going to give you five things that are gonna help you better rank your videos and understand what the YouTube algorithm looks for when it’s ranking videos on the platform related to other similar videos. Right.

So how can you.

Out to all those other videos.

1:Focus on these five things first and foremost is Watch time. OK.

So typically the longer videos just like any other platform the longer videos the longer you can keep someone on a piece of content whether that’s Instagram with a picture whether that’s YouTube with a video or whether that’s anywhere.

2:The longer you keep someone on the video or the piece of content the better for you. OK.

So that being said longer videos do tend to do better most of the time than shorter videos. Now I found a sweet spot for me and I’ve seen this across the board and I think that this works for a number of reasons but I’ll outline a few for you here in a second is 10 minutes in one second to 19 minutes and fifty nine seconds. Why is that why do you think now.

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3:I believe that because 10 minutes anything over 10 minutes you can monetize with multiple ads. OK.

And at the end of the day YouTube is a business. OK. So YouTube tends to suggest and this has not been proven they’re never going to admit it. But YouTube tends to suggest other videos that have more ads on them. Obviously you know and have watched time and audience retention. So if you’re putting like an ad every couple of seconds that’s obviously not going to keep the audience engaged and retain them on the video. So YouTube is not going to suggest that. Right.

But if you can nail the watch time and you can add multiple ad breaks in your video maybe on a 10 minute video you add one in the middle right. One in the beginning one at the end which obviously the one always comes in the beginning. You can add the one at the end inside your creator studio on that video and then maybe you add one in the middle out like five or six minutes that’s potentially going to do a lot better than a video that’s

how does the youtube algorithm work 2022.
how does the youtube algorithm work 2022.

4:10 minutes and doesn’t have any other ad breaks except the one in the video in the beginning.

That’s what I’m trying to say. OK so typically the best watch time in my opinion is 10 minutes 11 seconds so that you can monetize those long videos even if you’re not monetized yet you will be able to do that in the future. So shoot for 10 minutes in one second and below 1959 because there’s something about that too 0 no that people you know it’s kind of like that law of you know death by a thousand cuts. Most people most people unless you’ve really brought up a brand equity with them there’s some people where this doesn’t apply but most people are not going to want one who wants a 20 plus minute video or they won’t watch that currently.

So if they see it they won’t click it and start watching it simply because they’re not going full heartedly into it saying I want to invest 20 minutes into this video that I know nothing about. Right. So typically speaking they’re either going to ignore that or they’re going to add it to watch later and then probably never get around to watching it and delete it later. So if you can keep it up with between that sweet spot you’re gonna do the two of the best things right.

5:So you’re gonna get more ad revenue obviously cause you’re gonna have longer videos and longer videos tend to do better on the platform but you’re also going to keep it with the under 20 minutes.

So more people will be more inclined to click it and not feel like they’re investing 20 minutes into their time. Right. Because if you keep somebody on with like short videos it’s the same thing with like Netflix or YouTube or Instagram right or any of these ticktock for example right. It’s death by a thousand cuts you keep consuming 60 second videos for it on ticked off for example or you know pictures on Instagram.

It doesn’t seem like it’s a lot when you chunk it in one by one but as you add them up you’re going to spend a lot more time on that platform. Death by a thousand cut wise than you would investing an hour into a potential YouTube video. The whole key here is don’t go too far out of the way with it that’s what I’m trying to say stay below 20 minutes but also try to go above 10 if you can.

6:Now one thing I will say about this is don’t don’t sacrifice quality for length. OK.

To give you an example a two minute video. So don’t stretch a video on purpose just to try to get its 10 minutes. It’s just something that potentially shoot for. OK. Just something to remember and keep in mind.

7:Don’t sacrifice the quality for the link.

A two minute video with an average watch time of a minute 30 because it’s good and relevant and keeps people engaged. We’ll do a lot better than a 20 minute video with an average watch time a woman.

8:OK so longer videos don’t always do better but they will over time typically tend to perform better because there’s potentially more to watch in that video hence why you’re going to accumulate more Watch time. 

So hope that that helps. That’s number one. Number two is click through rate. Now what is click through rate click through rates how often people click on your thumbnails compared to other potential similar thumbnails that they’re potentially being suggested to. Right. So how we click through rate works is let’s say your thumbnails going up against another thumbnail that’s very very similar.

You made a similar video to another content creator and both of those tend to get suggested YouTube is going to test this out and see how many you know maybe it’s a hundred people maybe it’s a thousand maybe it’s 10 right. They’re gonna see who clicks on which thumbnail more that’s click through rate right. And maybe your thumbnail beats out this thumbnail. So this go.

This drops down to the bottom of the algorithm and doesn’t get suggested as much anymore but then it goes up against another one right. It goes up thumbnail scenes set a thumbnail B and maybe beat out that one but maybe you lose the next one thumbnail D right. So click through rate is huge and one of the best ways that you can prove your click the rate is better thumbnails. Right.

Improve your thumbnails.

It’s one of the most overlooked things on all of YouTube. People spend and I don’t get it. I still make know garbage thumbnail CNN here and there because I rushed them but one of the things you can do to this and I’ll talk about that here in the next segment in a second is create your thumbnails and your titles first. So that way you’re not rushing to an excited to get the video out.

You’re literally going to create the thumbnail and you’ll have it ready when the video airs and plus your your video and your thumbnail will be relevant to the video as opposed to if you created the video first and then try to make a thumbnail afterward.

You might not find the right pictures you might not find the right things so just keep that in mind okay.

9:Click the rate improve your thumbnails and two of the best ways to do this is Photoshop and canvas.

Now photoshop I think is nine ninety nine a month or nineteen ninety nine a month. I don’t remember how much I pay for it. Highly recommend Photoshop it’s super super crucial for creating good thumbnails but if you’re just looking for something free to create them in the meantime.

Canva is a free software it’s a Web site you can go to and you can make thumbnails for free. OK. So watch time and click the rate the next factor is audience retention. So you want to capture your audience attention right away and you have it’s been said you have about three to 10 seconds.

I would say 20 seconds is above the fold like two you don’t have 20 seconds some people have said that I would say you probably realistically have about three to 10 seconds max. So keep that in mind right. YouTube is a competitive place so make sure that you have a compelling hook in the beginning of your

video that’s going to capture people’s attention and want to make them continue to watch it. Watch the video right. If you don’t people will just click off your video to another video because they’re constantly the way that the out algorithm setup and the way that the software is set up. Doesn’t matter if you’re watching on desktop or if they’re watching on mobile. They’re constantly being suggested other videos on the side or below the video as they’re scrolling right.

So if you don’t do this people will just click off to another video. If you don’t captivate them and you don’t capture their attention. So one of the ways like I just said is you can do this by improve your audience retention and your watch time and your click through rate obviously by creating your thumbnails and your titles first. That’s going to keep your video relevant. It’s gonna give you it’s kind of reverse engineering and working backwards.

Works great if you don’t believe me.

Just try it one or two times you will see just how much better your thumbnails and your videos turn out because they’ll be related right. So what I’m trying to say here is they’re going to see the thumbnail right and then they’re going to click on the video and your video is actually going to be exactly what they intended to get right by clicking on that thumbnail and you’re going to convert and retain a lot more the audience as opposed to if you created a video that created a thumbnail afterword that you thought look good but they might have clicked on that video because they saw the thumbnail and realized that the video wasn’t necessarily 100 percent match of the thumbnail. Right.

10:So try creating your thumbnails in your titles first huge game changer.

Major YouTube creator hack. OK now the next thing is to relate to them and their interests. Pretty self-explanatory talk about what they want not what you want. Tell them immediately why they should care what they’ll get out of watching right. Make sure that they know that they’re in the right place and that the video that they clicked on is exactly what they’re getting exactly what they’re about to get right. Reiterate that point in captivate them.

11: Audience retention is the third thing.

Number four and five hour engagement and session starts and session time. Engagement pretty self-explanatory. That’s your likes or comments or dislikes yes even dislikes help your video assuming you don’t have more dislikes than your likes. OK. Pretty self-explanatory we all know that they don’t matter as much as they used to but they do still matter OK. And one of the things that a lot of people overlook is session start times and session time. So session start times is when you bring somebody to YouTube or somebody clicks on your video from an outside source or they come to YouTube and they get suggested your video and they hop on your content that starts a session. Right now your session time is how long there’s two session times right.

How long you keep them engaged on your content in your videos.

One session time. How long you keep them engaged on YouTube in general. From starting on one of your videos even if they go to other videos is the second session time. They both matter. Session starts and session time OK. So what you want to do is you want to bring people to YouTube and you want to keep them there. That doesn’t mean that you cannot link off. It doesn’t mean that you can’t promote your Instagram it doesn’t mean that you can’t promote your other social media doesn’t mean that you can’t sell a product and link it in the description but just keep that in mind. The better you’ll the more you keep people on YouTube and continuously keep them on the platform and bringing them back to YouTube.

The more YouTube will reward you.

They’ve literally said countless times it’s right from the terms of service. YouTube rewards creators that keep viewers on the platform longer period. Self explanatory. OK so your main goal should be you know overall to just keep them on the keep them on YouTube and keep them watching longer. Ideally your videos. But even if it’s not just keep them on YouTube. Now some of the most typical ways that you could do this that were going to help you utilize cards utilize playlists utilized linking related videos that might interest them and utilize end screens. But that’s to recap.

That’s the ten things that are the most important that YouTube looks for when ranking your videos against other related videos in the YouTube algorithm.

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