How to create specific niche website and Earn Money Online.

Create a specific niche website. So if you want to create a specific category of the website you have to cut b category that you want to create content for that for example if you want to create a SEO-related category website. You must be e expert of Search Engine Optimisation Search Engine Optimisation is the process of bringing a website using keywords on a specific category or any other let’s go if you want to write an article on Search Engine Optimisation you have experience.

How to write an article on a specific niche category.

For example, you are going to build a Search Engine Optimisation website article. What is the value have to search the keyword volume and the CPC of Keywords? There are many keywords that have high CPC and also there are some keywords that have less CPC.

What is CPC?

So after writing the article you just need to monetize the website for reasonable using   AdSense. So Google which shows the ads on your website according to the category and the 2-dollar CPC   when somebody clicks on ads will give you a reward according to the category and the CPC.

How much we can earn from one category of the website?

For example, if you have written an article more than  500 can be used to get daily 30k traffic from Google search, and maybe you will get a day of $100 according to your website category and the website keywords.

Top high CPC keywords

  1. insurance
  2. loan
  3. software
  4. marketing

conclusion of article

create a website on a category use your keywords write article and rank on Google and earn money as you get traffic on your website Google AdSense will approve your website you must provide a unique article to rank on google first page.

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