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 What is GB WhatsApp.

hello guys I know you come for information about GB WhatsApp and how you can download  GB WhatsApp that today’s article  I will help you how you can download GB WhatsApp apk is easily so I will also tell you that new feature of the people of 2022 To Let get started.

S0 First of all what is GB WhatsApp.

GB WhatsApp is same like original WhatsApp. But here have some different types of feature in gb whatsapp  in new version like you can disconnect with internet and you can unseen your messages and other thing . I will tell you complete every feature of GB WhatsApp in detail.

Turn offline Gb whatsapp.

First  can’t see on image you just need to click on the button and you Gb WhatsApp will be offline will not get any messages any call or any other thing.

Theme Change feature in Gb whatsapp.

The next feature of GB WhatsApp is you can change the theme of your GB WhatsApp like you can turn it Black Or Another colour you just need to choose the theme and you can turn into that the selected theme.

Message send and receive on GB WhatsApp.

If somebody send a message to you if he or she will delete the message then still you can see and read the message in GB WhatsApp this is the big feature of GB WhatsApp. You can still share this message and you can still read anything that he has send at that its image or voice or anything other you can share with your friend and read it carefully hope you like this feature of the WhatsApp feature is.

 Status of GB WhatsApp.

If somebody delete the status on Jupiter the blue can still see the message that he or she have uploaded you can see this message you can download this message and you can share with any body as this is a good feature  you can you can use it and you can see the status and and download the status.

Download the status of GB WhatsApp.

Is someone in the contact list of your GB WhatsApp if somebody upload status and you can download the status easily you just need to click on a button and the status will be automatically download you can download and share with any body as.

Send  images more than size.

GB WhatsApp you can send image more than size of images like an original WhatsApp you  price of image is 16 MB. At the same time you can send the image upto 90 image at the same time on GB WhatsApp

Reply automatically to your friends.

best feature on GB WhatsApp you can still add a feature to automatically apply to your friend you have to text at the message and the system will automatically send to your friends automatically and they will leave message and read.

Live location sharing system on GB WhatsApp.

GB Whatsapp dare big picture that you can share your live location on WhatsApp you just have to click of button of on chat and select the live location and sent and the system will automatically send the live location of your phone.

Fonts  on GB WhatsApp.

There are lots of fonts of Gb whatsapp that you can use for text messages and other thing like sending and receiving messeging in Gb whatapp of 2022.

Summary .

Gb whatsapp can be downlaod easily.the Gb Whatsapp APK is very small in size just 56 Mb of size of GB whatsapp.You can also downlaod Gb whatsapp pro.the Gb whatsapp download 2022 new version also on this links.

What i have Give informations in this article about Gb Whatsapp.


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