How to earn Money from AFFILATE MARKETING.

  1.  How To Make Money Online by doing affiliate marketing find a business sell the product and get commission these are the basic steps you need to do in making money with very less effort but you only get paid when the product is sold.
  2. a deal is signed that a certain percentage of the price of the good will be given You can do affiliate marketing either online or offline you need to be good at talking to strangers and know how you persuade others to buy the product, you can promote the product online through social media by making ads or posting the more you sell the more money you make.
  3. Number one make sure that the product you selected will surely pay you off.
  4. Sales=Profit You should go for popular sites there are many sites provided in the resources are amazing if you have a good social following you can sell the product easily sell as many as you can Choose a product that pays the most commission and promotes it on Facebook Twitter and Instagram.
  5. So what do you think? Does this method suit you?


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