How to earn passive income? | Overview of Cryptocurrency trading. learn Every thing that you need for Cryptocurrency trading to earn in 2022.

How to earn passive income? | Overview of Cryptocurrency trading

Hi, everyone, How to earn passive income? | Overview of Cryptocurrency trading I hope that you people are doing well. I hope that young people are enjoying the Article. Well, this is the lecture that I recorded previously as the first lecture, but it was in Urdu and I wanted to wait. A number of people are asking me to record these lectures in English as well. So here the lecture is in English, and this is the first introductory lecture, so consider it as a first introductory lecture. And then the series of lectures that are coming next will be related to this first lecture.

 how to earn passive income.

No passive income is something that I’ll talk about in a while, but before that, let’s look at the very nice quote by Warren Buffett.A lot of you may know who Warren Buffett is one of the richest persons in the world, and he says that

“if you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.”

So the focus is on finding out multiple streams of income The focus is on finding out different ways that you earn through those ways. While you will focus on other things or you find out multiple methods to generate revenue or income. You can have your active method, which can be your salary if you’re working, or it can be your business actively. And you also have to find out matters which are supplementary or complementary methods that support your existing source of income.

Let’s get into the lecture where I’m going to show you certain matters, which I’m going to focus on certain matters of passive income earning. How many mothers do we have to earn or generate income passively while there are so many methods? Examples could be buying real estate the best method if you have money in Western real estate. Rent out the property If you want to invest in real estate for, then sell it out for a couple of years or a couple of months.

Normally, when we talk about real estate, the property prices, usually most of the time will go up. So renting the property is a very good source of passive income. It is regular and more consistent. Or you can invest in stocks, buy the stocks and then get dividend from it or sell the stocks when the price goes up. But in our lectures, our focus should be on crypto trading. No crypto trading is more or less like stock trading, and it’s a new method or a unique method. People are earning a lot of money using crypto, so we’ll be focusing on crypto trading how to do that. But just want to mention it here that I’m not a financial advisor here, I’m not going to give you financial advice as on which crypto to choose and which crypto not to choose.

The focus should be on something more interesting. And stay tuned.

I’m going to tell you now what is crypto trading cryptocurrencies?

If you are watching this lecture, I believe that you already know a little about cryptocurrency. These are digital currencies, and just like we have our normal currency, the digital currency like bitcoin, a very famous one, we call it BTC. We have it, we have Ada Cardano and we have dodged the recently hyped one is a Dodge coin. These are all different crypto.

There are more than 3000 cryptos.

Overview of Cryptocurrency trading .If I’m not wrong, you in 4000 cryptos are out there and every day a lot of cryptos are introduced in the market with different functionalities, with different benefits, with different contribution to the society. Now do you have to read it by yourself, which one you think is most appropriate for you to choose from? But crypto trading is now proven to have a very good source for you to generate income. Is it risky? Yes, it is a risk. It is very risky. In fact, all the investment methods are very risky.

To take an example of trading in stocks.

Is it risky? So there are less risky methods and risky methods. But as they say that the more risk, the more is the profit. That’s why it is considered a volatile method and the method that I am going to focus on this channel. Artificial intelligence trading as the channel name also sees artificial intelligence trading. So the focus should be on how to make sure to reduce that risk and take benefit from the volatility.Can we eliminate or reduce risk as we can?

And that’s when the focus will be on how much should I invest in crypto?

Well, that depends on how much you want to invest in crypto. The more you invest, the more would be the reward. But we will start from a humble start. Will start from just a normal one so that we see how it works. And once you feel that it is working good for you, then you go ahead and miss more. But you start from a minimum amount so that you feel comfortable. Is there any safe in a profitable crypto trading method?

There is certainly a matter, and that’s why this channel that I prepared on I am focusing on is to find out safe crypto trading matter. So there are methods and I told you artificial intelligence methods and what are those methods? The focus is on an artificial intelligence, but we call it Ryan Kubert and I have a number of videos on the Real Q blog, which are literally made. This ledger was supposed to be the first legit. I told you it is the first lecture, but in a different language, so I’m making it again in English language. So we have the kubert, which is an artificial intelligence bot.

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