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How to grow Youtube Channel by Social Media.

learn about grow Youtube Channel by Social Media .So people always ask me you know what’s the easiest way to grow on YouTube. What’s the simple half or the secret that nobody’s telling you right. And there isn’t one. OK. There’s no secret I don’t care what business you’re in. If it’s YouTube if it’s something else there’s no secret that successful people are not telling you

One of the ways that you can grow on YouTube. Easier though is to not just focus on YouTube. OK I know that’s counterproductive I know it seems counterintuitive but just hear me out OK. So you should not just be posting your content and focusing solely on YouTube to grow on YouTube.  You should be focusing on all content platforms and kind of uploading your content and growing communities in all of them because if you focus on uploading the same type of content to Instagram for example right

Uplaod Alos Content on Instagram and tiktok.

or the same type of content on a Facebook page or growing your tiktok or growing your Twitter right all those social media platforms are going to funnel traffic and subscribers and viewers and followers to each other. Right. Because you can link for example if we go to my profile on Twitter you can link to your youtube channel on Twitter.

How to Grow Youtube Channel By Tiktok.

Same thing on tiktok you can link one. Obviously we’re not in the tiktok app but you can link to your Instagram and your YouTube on tiktok right and tiktok is blowing up currently.

So if you’re growing more followers on tick tock. Well Jenn common sense will tell you that a general portion of those followers are going to see your link if they’re interested in your content and they like it and potentially go to your Instagram and subscribe and follow you there or go to your youtube channel and subscribe there. Same thing with a Facebook page you can link with Facebook pages. Right.

So if I go to my Facebook page obviously I’m growing a following here and people I have my my Web site linked my consulting link threat my YouTube channel links. Right so all that stuff’s linked so if I’m growing a community here a lot of these people are going to potentially come over and show up on my Instagram my Twitter my Facebook right my tiktok my YouTube channel.

Same thing with Instagram you can use your bio link to final traffic to your to your Website or your YouTube channel or whatever. The whole message here being while you do want to focus if you’re trying to grow on YouTube a lot of your attention on YouTube also focus on growing a lot of your other social media followings because the key here is all your social media is going to funnel traffic to each other.

Instagram is going to final traffic for Yotube Channel.

Your Instagram is going to final traffic to your youtube your YouTube is going to launch a formal traffic your Facebook page Facebook page is going to funnel traffic to your tick tock right and etc. etc. So utilize them all.

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