how to grow youtube channel from 0

how to grow youtube channel from 0.

So I want to take a brief moment to talk about quality versus quantity and grow youtube channel. what you should chase depending on what your goals are. OK so obviously ideally you’d want quality and quantity. That said often and this is just my opinion and this is from anecdotal experience myself as well.

How to create Youtube Content and grow youtube channel.

What I heard from other people that I network with and also do YouTube and create content often in the beginning you’re not going to be good. You might think that you’re good or you might be self-aware and know that you’re bad OK. I still make some subpar videos here and there. And you know I still struggle with quality here and there as well. One thing I will say is it’s important obviously quality should be over quantity.

YouTube Content Ideas for Best views.
YouTube Content Ideas for Best views.

How to Upload content on YouTube grow youtube channel.

Ideally you’d want to make a less content but better content because then you’d have to spend less time creating content potentially making better videos and you would have to create videos all the time you could just create a good piece of content and a good video put it up there and it would gain more views than potentially like four or 

But often in the beginning you need to learn quality through quantity and what I mean by that is you’re only going to get better by doing it. You’re only going to get more comfortable in front of the camera whether you’re recording on a screen like this and screen sharing or whether you’re recording with a camera. You know like I have back there and you’re actually filming yourself talking from time to time. OK.


My recommendations for videos Uplaoding.

So I would recommend that in the beginning when you’re starting or if you’re not fully confident or you think that you need to improve your quality don’t just go after quality because then you’re going to be frustrated by putting in hours and hours and hours of post-production and editing work only to get slow traction on your videos. Right.

So in the beginning I think it’s better to go after quantity and learn quality by producing a lot of videos hence the quantity. OK. Because you’re going to learn better by doing like I said you’re going to learn better editing techniques certain little things here and there that are going to make your videos better you’re going to be more confident. Once you do it more right. So trial by fire fire start doing it learn quality through quantity and that is my take on the quality versus quantity debate.

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