Variety of Mutual Fund products

Variety of Mutual Fund products

Hi there, Welcome to our next article. In this article, we are going to cover a Variety of Mutual Fund  products available in the market. This is one of the most important slides, because in this you are going to learn about different products and you should have a good knowledge about these products to invest in mutual funds. So let us begin with this structure.

1: Structure

First one that we have is open ended funds. Open ended funds do not have a fixed majority. Did these funds offer units to investors for the first time during the NFO and therefore means new fund offered? Ongoing transactions are based on the net asset value of the fund. This is all about open ended funds. For close ended funds, close ended funds operate for a specific period of time. Close and funds are offered in an effort only which means closed for further purchases of study and therefore the size of a listed close and find is kept constant, which means transactions happen in the secondary market without recourse to the fund itself.

Next one is interval for an interval fund, a variant of closed ended funds, they are primarily closing date but become open ended at a specific interval subscription and redemption allowed at specific intervals during the specific transaction period only. So this is all about structure.


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