how to lock facebook profile in 2022.

In this article I will tell you how you can lock your lock screen in just a few easy steps, you can easily lock your Facebook profile through this article’s information.i will tell you the best method to lock your Facebook profile on your smartphone.
to lock your Facebook profile first off all you have to open your Facebook profile and then go to the menu of your Facebook profile.
when you open the menu of your Facebook profile then click on three dot lines to open settings for lock your Facebook profile .open the setting of the application and scroll down to the lock screen.

just click on the lock profile setting and after that, your Facebook profile will be locked.
when your profile is locked then only your friend can view your Facebook profile .when you lock your Facebook profile then no one can see your profile except your friends .you can lock your Facebook profile on your iPhone as well as on your android smartphone .you can private your photos through this option and no one can see your Facebook profile.
facebook profile locking is a new option of Facebook, through this option you can private your Facebook account like Instagram account when you enable this option only your close Facebook friends can view your profile and no other one can see your profile until he/she follows you on your Facebook account.


Facebook profile lock.
Facebook profile lock in 2022/2023.
Facebook profile lock on iPhone in 2023.
Facebook profile lock on android in 22023

so this is the best option for locking the screen in an easy and best way .you can lock your Facebook profile to keep your photos and profile private, and only your friends can see your profile photos.


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