Three ways to take screenshot on macbook Pro.

Three ways to take screenshot on macbook Pro.

How to screenshot on mac  it has some special shortcuts to take a screenshot on it can be selectively short it can be a screenshot on any of the app or it can be a screenshot of the complete screen so let’s get started.

Macbook mostly used operating system in  most country. So everyone need a screenshot of any application or any webpage that he want to use in your documents or any other help maybe he want to use information in any other place so in this article you will learn three ways to take the screenshot of your web page and application or any extra. Taking screenshot of MacBook is very easy so there are three button that you have to click and system will automatically take a screenshot of any application or any web page.

Screenshot of MacBook using Shortcut.

How to take a screenshot on your MacBook Air Pro or any other raining there are some simple shortcuts that you have to follow and the screenshot can be of multiple types it can be of a selective screenshot .which means it would be taking a particular area of of this complete screen which you are going to select another kind of pain should put can be you would be taking a screenshot of an application or the type of screenshot can be the complete screen screenshot so in that case we have three types and we would have certain shortcut for each type of screenshot

First Method of taking Screenshot on Macbook.

so very first one is the complete screenshot and for taking complete screenshot you have to click three button which are command shift + 3 this would enable you want screenshot as you can see on the right corner there is a screenshot which is just captured and automatically got saved on your desktop and you do need to do anything you it’s automatically save and like on Windows so now we are going.

The second method of taking Screenshot on Macbook.

The second type of screenshot which is typically area which you want to capture tool it suppose you want to capture a particular area where Google is greater than there is a shortcut which is command shift+ 4 so when you click this 3 buttons you will see certain kind of which will ask you to select the area so by simply dragging three fingers you will be able to take that area capture and as you can see on the right corner.

where screenshots go on mac.

we have the screenshot automatically available in let me tell you all the screenshots will get saved by default on your desktop.

Third Method of taking screenshot on macbook.

Third  method taking a screenshot of a certain application so for this one again you need to click shift command + 4 as you can see now it showing me the complete application is selected the application is Chrome for Safari so it’s getting selected automatically If in case you can see it when I click it it will see the screenshot of Safari so that’s how you can take these three screenshot Three Types of screenshot using this 3 short keys and I will even describe the short keys in the description below as well I hope you would have learn how to take a screenshot on MacBook.


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