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WhatsApp & it’s Features

Among social media applications, WhatsApp is one of the most famous application that is currently connecting the people globally. It was first developed by Brian Acton & Jan Koum. It is a free social media platform that binds people anywhere in the world through it’s various features like sending and receiving text messages or videos, pictures, video calls, voice calls etc. WhatsApp is very much in daily routine use, especially the people having their loved ones in different countries of the world feel connected to each other through this wonderful platform, solely by free downloading the application on their smartphones and with a WiFi or internet connection. Also, the budget of it’s usage is incredibly low and that is one potential point it has attracted billions of people.
About the features of WhatsApp, the inventors along with their team update the application with new features from time to time. It has been estimated in 2016 that there are 40 features WhatsApp is offering, and in 2022 the number has even increased. Some general ones among them are:

What is Whatsapp Features.

Chats (New Groups, New Broadcast, Linked Devices, Starred Messages, Archived Messages, Text messages, Voice messages, Video chats etc.)
Status (My Status, Recent Update Statuses, Viewed Update Statuses, Muted Update Statuses Status Privacy, Sitting etc.)
Calls (Voice & Video)
Contacts (New Group, New Contact, Contacts on WhatsApp, Invite friends to WhatsApp, Refresh, Help tc.)
Account (Privacy, Security, Change number etc)
Notifications (Messages, Group and Call Tones)
Storage and Data (Network usage, Auto Download)
Help (Help center, contact us, privacy policies etc.)
Some features of WhatsApp with in-depth description are as following:
Reading the messages without blue ticks
Sending a single message to multiple people immediately
Sending emojis, GIF’s, and stickers
Feature of disappearing messages
Text formatting and wallpapers
Quoting messages within chats
Mute groups and chats
Selecting status audience and caption views
Editing your Statuses
Blocking unknown or unwanted people
Data saving when using WhatsApp through mobile networks
Stoping auto download of pictures and videos for data savage
Documents and large files sharing
Using WhatsApp on your PC
Using WhatsApp web
Small businesses support providing

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