Youtube Mistake

key mistakes to avoid on youtube channel.

All right. So here’s a few mistakes that I’ve learned throughout my journey that if I can impart on you hopefully you can avoid them because they are massive mistakes and they will torpedo your channel. Now if you can avoid these it’s going to help you. And if you can obviously correct these ahead of time by this knowledge right from this video then it’s really going to help you long term grow your channel. OK.

1:  So first and foremost dropping things in random Facebook groups and forums.Doesn’t matter what the forum is it doesn’t matter what the Facebook group is about is really going gonna hurt your channel.

Why is that. It’s gonna kill your engagement because anybody that comes to your video from forum or Facebook group. Chances are is gonna be low quality traffic not that interested you kind of got them there. Bye bye. You know enticing them to click the link but they’re not a high quality league they’re not a high quality viewer.

They’re not going to care about the message in your video. Most of the time so that’s going to kill your engagement rate and that’s going to kill your videos traction and not you know propel it to the rest of your audience because YouTube is gonna see those people that came to your video they weren’t interested and think that your video sucks so don’t drop random links at Facebook groups or forums. It’s just going to hurt your video.

2: The next thing that’s gonna hurt your video sub for sub don’t do it sub for sub.

Same overall message. Right. If even if you do sub for sub and other people stay subscribed which you know most of them don’t even if they did say some stay subscribe. Right. What’s gonna happen is they’re gonna be dead subscribers. They’re not going to care about your content because they never came there with the intention of subscribing to watch your content.

They only came there with the intention of subscribing so that you would subscribe back to their channel. It’s gonna kill your engagement. Like we talked about and it’s only gonna hurt your videos in the future. You don’t want dead subscribers.

You are much better with 100 quality subscribers than a hundred thousand you know dead subscribers where you only have 20 subscribers that are real. Right. Because if you have 100 hundred quality subscribers YouTube is gonna use them as a gauge to judge how good your content is how engaging your content is and how well your audience is responding to your content. So if you if you have good quality subscribers even if it’s a low amount of subscribers in the beginning YouTube is going to see that your community is engaged and they’re going to take more chances.

You’re suggesting your content out to other people and you’ll grow a lot exponentially faster and you’ll have more audience retention more ad revenue obviously more views and more people will be watching your channel and you won’t have dead subscribers.

So make sure not to drop links and don’t to sub for sub. It’s two huge mistakes that almost everybody makes. And if you can avoid them it’s really going to help your channel.

3: The next thing is going for a broad audience and not picking a specific niche.

Now I’ve hit this home in so many videos but just niche down it’s going to help you grow. It’s gonna help you build traction and really kind of you know help you build consistency video to video right because for example one of the mistakes that I made was I used to create content on pretty much like everything e-commerce and marketing and people would come to a video and subscribe for like email marketing tips and then the next video would be like online arbitrage in the next video would be like drop shipping and then it’ll be all over the place and I’d have dead subscribers because somebody subscribed for X but then they got Y Z and A RIGHT WHERE SOMEBODY subscribed for a.

But then I brought them C D and G and it never really worked out so niche down. So every single person that subscribes subscribes for that reason and then you can build traction and consistency slowly over time and then once you grow bigger you can meet you can you know kind of branch out a little bit but you want to pick a specific niche. It’s going to really help you gain traction and you’ll grow a lot faster and build consistency.

4: Another thing to avoid don’t wing videos even if you’re doing a tutorial about something that you know

that’s really the only time where it’s somewhat ok but for most videos either recommend if you’re filming with a you know a camera is face to face get a teleprompter. One of the ones that I recommend is the parrot teleprompter. It’s phenomenal. It pops right in front of your camera. They can’t see it.

The audience can’t see it but you can read right off of it.

Phenomenal game changer.

If you’re reading off of a computer right then you mean you want to at least have a plan.

So whether you want to do like a presentation like this where you want to have some notes that are sitting

on the side that you can go through to make sure you hit this points because I want to make sure that

I’m not wasting your time no one.

Same thing for you with your audience and I want to make sure that I’m hitting home the important points

that I want to hit home and because if I take a minute right and I sit here and I think like what was

that next point I can check my thing and just cut it out of the video you’ll never know.

So always have a plan you know unless you’re doing a tutorial where you really know a lot about it you

should still really have a plan.

Some notes some key points you want to hit.

Or use a teleprompter.

Always have a plan.

Don’t win your videos being original as the next one that’s overrated.

Okay you don’t need to be original on YouTube.

We’ll get what works for other people.

If you try to be original you’re probably going to be bang your head against the same metaphorical wall

and you’re never gonna gain any traction because it’s easier to go after what works in business or in

YouTube rather than trying to create a new niche or a new market or a new product that nobody’s ever

seen before because it’s not proven.

Could it work.


Could it blow up.


But chances are it probably won’t.

So trying to be over original original is completely overrated.

Don’t do it.

See what works for other people in your niche.

Replicate that process.

Another one that’s big is worrying about what other people think.

If you worry about what other people think too much you’re gonna stay in the same place because you’re

always gonna be trying to please everybody and you know you’re you’re just just gonna serve to keep

you stationary.

So stop worrying about what other people think.

Check yourself worry about what you think and measure yourself up against your own progress every day.

What other people think is irrelevant.

Also don’t copy what big you tippers do.

Huge mistake.

Even if you’re growing bigger Don’t copy what big You Tubers do.

Build your niche give more value grow consistent audience and give more to that audience and you’ll

grow right.

Don’t copy what big YouTube is do.

Another example of this would be don’t click bait just don’t do it.

It’s just don’t do it.


And then finally overlooking the importance of thumbnails thumbnails are crucial.

They’re literally what captures ninety nine point nine percent of people’s attention.

Your title obviously helps.

It’s gonna help you rank higher in search results for Evergreen keywords but don’t overlook the importance

of thumbnails.

You should be spending.

People have said you should be spending at least the same amount of time on your thumbnail.

It’s a bit of a stretch but I wouldn’t overlook your thumbnail if it’s taking you five minutes to do

your thumbnail.

It should take you.

Multiply that by four.

It should be taking you 20 minutes to do your thumbnail.

If it’s taking 20 minutes multiply that by four it should be taking you 60 minutes to do your thumb


I totally didn’t do that math right it should be taking you 80 minutes to do your thumbnail.

OK so don’t look.

Don’t overlook the importance of thumbnails.

They’re crucial and they’re literally what captures the audience’s attention.

So that’s basically the eight crucial mistakes that if you can avoid your channels going to grow a lot


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