Lets Learn How to Update Window 11 .

Lets Learn How to Update Window 11 .

Hello There, today’s Article I am going to teach you how you can update window 11 Window is the most widely used operating system in the world when you have a lot of features that you can use free Windows is initially released 1985 .May be  you are thinking how many user of Window in the World. window have more than 1 billion users. Window 11 developed by Microsoft. The developer of Window  Bill Gates. that use window we do have lot of version like windows 7 windows 8 Windows 10  and now also window 11 is released. Every system needs update so whenever window is officially update the system will automatically show the option to update window and get the new feature to your window today article I am going to teach you how you can update window 11 or any other like window 10 .

Now the people mostly used window 11 because its latest version of window no and it’s provide a new feature field like you can use multitasking you can use multiple tasking and you also used . Window 11 also provide voice recorder option freely so you can record your voice freely on  Windows 11.

Let’s talk about what is the benefits if you update the window 11. If you update the window 11 you will get latest new things on Window 11 will increase the security of your window and also protect your system.

Let’s discuss how you can update window 11 on your system if you update window 11 you will not seen any  Changing of setting or any other things it will improve the quality of window and security of Window or any other things.

there are Fours Steps  if you want to date you window 11.

First of all click on Window icon.Go to setting of the window then scroll down and it will show Update window and then just click on Window update option.

How to Update window 11.

Click Window >Settings > Scroll Down >Update window Options>here you can Update Window

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