Most Easy ways to earn money from youtube From Small Channel.

So of course you to learn Most Easy ways to earn money from youtube on Small Channel. we know that if you get millions of views or you have a huge audience that you can actually make pretty good money on YouTube.But what do you do if you have a small channel or you’re just starting out in this video?

I’m going to be breaking down five practical,cool ways to make money on YouTube,

even if you have a small audience or channel,and also share some advanced tips coming up.Hey, what’s up, influencer? Waqas here with article influencers to help you build your influence income and impact with online article .I just finished up a deep dive YouTube masterclass and one of the parts of that training has been gettinga ton of positive feedback and so we wanted to post ithere on YouTube and share that with you now.And it’s specifically about five specific strategiesfor building your income on YouTube.If you have a small audience and asmall channel or you’re just starting out.Now, you may have heard some of these strategies before, but I believe that in this training, you’re going to learn some advanced tips and maybe some case studies and some creative ideas that you’ve never thought of before.So let’s dive into the training right nowto get these tips, but let’s get a strategy number two, which is revenue.

We talked about how to grow your audience.That first tip is going to help you do that.This is going to help you grow your income.

we want to specifically go through five ways to earn $500 plus with YouTube.
Now, you’ve heard maybe some of these before,maybe you haven’t, but we have some good case studies and illustrations and we’re going to be talking about YouTube ads.We’re going to be talking about affiliate marketing, brand deals, merchant products and crowd fundingand give you some actionable stuff.And so if you’re saying how to make this sustainable because we need money to fund the missionand you should never be as hamed of that, right?If you want to turn your creativity into acareer, you have to figure out how to monetize.And one of the ways to do that is with YouTube ads.The problem is right now, and this is mostly in the US, so even international, thisi s typically a little bit lower, is that you get usually $2 per thousand video views.And that’s called a CPM.So if your goal was to get $500 onYouTube, you would need a quarter million views.

And if you wanted to get $500 a month, you would need to at least get at least that many views a month.Now, CPMs vary and there’s lots of variables but just gives you some basic math.And so for instance, this video that and I did, about 222,000 views.Now we’ll tell you about this toola little bit later, but vidIQ will give you an estimated earnings of anybody’s video including other people’s, other people’s channels.That’s not really super accurate becauseour CPM is more like $5.So this video is made between 400 $600.But the key strategy if you want to figureout how to build your income with YouTube adsis you just need a lot of views.And so that is actually why this is ourleast favorite way of making money on YouTube.We have to share it.It could be helpful, it could be a bonus,
we want to dive into some better strategies.

And so the second one is affiliate marketing.

This is basically what affiliate marketing is.You sign up for an affiliate program just like say, Amazon Associates, and then you can get acustom link that you put in your YouTube description.And then when visitors click on that link, you can make money.It’s as simple as that.So if you recommend a beauty product or technology,or a pet product or clothing, I mean, anything,if there is something that exists in the world,there’s probably an affiliate program for it.And so this is Jayden, and he’s got a barbecue channel.And so here’s a good example, right?You type in barbecue accessories and he has this ranked video that he is doing affiliate marketing on.And I just caught up with Jaybin.He puts out a video like this,talks to his favorite barbecue accessories, there’s links in the description to the affiliate marketing, and here’s some of his results.And so this was twelve months results for him.But mind you, from scratch, basically his channel is about a year old.So far, he’s in Canada.

He’s done over $500, a little biton Amazon, he’s done $100 on other affiliate programs and then he’s done AdSense.So that’s not bad too, right?We talked about YouTube ads 842, and he’s alsogot a few thousand dollars in free products.Now of course, we have to say on this master class that these results or anything else, anyother results we share, these results are not typical.They take hard work in action and thenwe use them for illustrative purposes, not apromise of what you can earn.Because the reality is sometimes people take information, youhave to take action to get the results.And here’s a power tip.And this is for affiliate marketing in general.Amazon actually just added a new onelink feature, so you can start monetizing multiple different countries through one link.There’s a few other services that do this as well.
And so this is a progression that’s reallybig in affiliate marketing right now because you have an international audience, especially on YouTube.And so look into one link if you’re already doing Amazon and look into expanding into basically smart links, whichhelps you, what it does is it decides what storelike, people are coming from and then it just takesthem to the correct store internationally.And it’s not just Amazon that’s doing this.So let’s dive into number three as far asa practical way of generating $500 a month.And one is crowdfunding. You probably heard about thisbefore, it’s like patreon.And a great example of somebody who’s apart of our advanced training and private group is Just in Co with that Christian blogger.And so he’s been building up his channel and he launched a Patreon and he has over 57 people supporting him.Now, this doesn’t happen overnight and I think that’sthe key here, to always lead with value.First he built up his authority, built up trust.He added tons of value to people.But then eventually he was able to surpass eventhat $500 mark as a base of just support.So that again, money could fuel his mission, whichis based on his faith and really changing people’slives and making a difference in the world.And so crowdfunding is a great way.Another way is merchant products.And so I asked in our group recently, I said,hey, what are some of the products you guys have?One person got a journal on Amazon.Justin has his own shirts.That Christian blogger, right?So he’s got his own T shirts.Jamie from the barbecue, he has his own barbecue rub.So have you ever thought about creating merchor products around your niche or your brand?Tim has oil paintings and he does custom oilpaintings and watercolor paints for people on his channeland people who connect with him on YouTube.
So this could be T shirts, accessories, digital products,art created stuff, music, selling songs on itunes or any where, coaching freelance services, so many different ways todo merch and to do products.And one cool site for this is Merch so there’s a lot of different ones teespring,but this is kind of a hot new one.All you got to do is upload yourartwork, set your price, they print it, theyship it and you get the royalties.And so something simple like this to build your income.And then the last one is brand deals.And this is like creating videos for companies and brandsin exchange for the one myth is that you haveto have a huge audience for this stuff to happen.But here’s a great example from Heather, but shealso is a new YouTuber, pretty brand new.It’s not been doing YouTube for very long.And she’s doing the homeschooling niche now a whileago because before she’s even where she was today.These results are from a while ago.In just eight months she grew 2500 subscribers,85,000 channel views and only 15 video. So not bad.But did catch this, it’s not very big, right?Still kind of relatively small.

 affiliate commissionson.

A little bit of monthly income with YouTube and affiliate.But she got a brand deal with a home school curriculumcompany that first they compared the product that her and herfamily would have had to pay for anyways, right?Because they do that every year.Expensive curriculum.So she gets $1100 in free products plus $3,600 todo a brand deal, reviewing that product and sharing itwith their audience as they go through it.And then she also gets 10% affiliate commissionson top of putting that out there simplybecause of doing a brand deal.And the question is, do big,only big channels get this?And so the answer is no, right?Forbes 82% of people are likely tofollow a micro influencers recommendation, which provesyou don’t need to rely on hugemega influencers to advocate for your brand.So there’s like a revolution right now of microinfluencers, which to define that simply, it means likeYouTubers with small channels or smaller instagrams.And here’s the power tip is YouTube income stacking.What we always recommend is not that you do justone of these, but that you stack them all.
So when you stack YouTube ads, affiliate marketing,

crowd funding your own merchant products

, your own brand deals, andactually many more income strategies like that, even littleamounts in each category, is how you could beginto transition faster, to go part time side income,or even full time.So what you just saw was just a small part ofthe entire YouTube Master class that and I just did.And if you actually want to see the entirething, it’s available for a very limited time.And we’ll link that in the description below,as well as on the YouTube card.
On this Masterclass, we cover not just how to build your income, but also how to grow your audience quickly,as well as some advanced tips on ranking your video sand search and a lot of other cool stuff.So if you want to check that out, again, linkin the description below or on the YouTube card.Question of the Day have you tried any of these five income generating strategies or is there another strategy that you specifically like for building your income on YouTube? Post those in the comments below and rememberthat some of the best tips and feedbackcome from you, the Video influencers community.So definitely connect with everybodyin the comments section.So thanks so much for checking out this article.


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