Progressive Insurance is very important let see why Progressive Insurance Review and Why Progressive insurance is Crushing in 2022 in united state

Progressive Insurance Review and Why Progressive insurance is Crushing.

Progressive Insurance Review and Why Progressive insurance is Crushing., we’re going to be talking about Progressive insurance. Overall, Progressive earned an above-average score from WalletHub editors. As a result, Progressive is one of the best options for drivers who want coverage from a larger insurance company with a wide range of services, coverage options, and discounts Now that you have a sense of what Progressive has to offer, let’s take a closer look at how it performs in a handful of key areas, including its premiums, customer service, and claims process. When shopping for car insurance, one of the most important factors customers consider is cost. As far as premiums go, Progressive is among the cheapest major insurance companies that WalletHub evaluated. Additionally, Progressive offers a variety of discounts, meaning that customers have several ways to save on their policy. Progressive also has a great customer service record, based on customer reviews and information from industry watchdogs like the Better Business Bureau. This indicates that

customers generally have a good experience when trying to manage their policy or file a claim. When it comes to filing insurance claims, Progressive makes the process simple compared to competitors. This is based on several aspects of the claims process, including options for filing a claim, claims support availability, and the ease of managing an ongoing claim. Finally, customers looking to purchase other types of insurance in addition to their auto policy can benefit from going with Progressive, which offers several other coverage options, including home and life insurance.

Why Progressive insurance is crushing 2022 _ TOP INSURANCE Companies  in United State.

So you may have seen my video that was for 2020. The top five insurance companies that I typically went through the JD power system, progressive happened to also be chosen.If you watch the Article, here was my number one choice for companies overall all. And I thought I’d make another follow up video to that and explain why I chose Progressive overall, because there are some companies that are amazing, and I personally am not even with Progressive.So when I say that, that’s where each individual policy comes into play and your risk profile, so to speak, what I’m going to do is I’m going to link below an option for you guys to fill out a quote.

Example on Progressive insurance.

It takes about a minute, and it’s really just starting the conversation with a local agent that can walk you through different companies and find the best fit for you. So without further ado, let’s dig into the reasons that I personally thought that for 2020, progressive is just killing it. The biggest thing is go do some research, type in Progressive reviews and Progressive this and look at all the positive and the negative. You’re going to find that they’re usually the four to five-star range, almost every review site that there is.And it’s not just because they have a large group of people that they insure, becausethey are pretty big of a company.But overall, they’ve got really good ratings. They’re paying the claims when it’s covered correctly.

Progressive insurance Lets take example.

Their home policies are a little bit different. So I did a review there. You can watch. But overall, Progressive, as far as their ratings, they’re doing really well. And here’s why. They offer gap insurance and gap insurance, they’ll pay up to 25% of the difference between your vehicle,  of what it’s worth and what you owe on it.So that’s a really big benefit at not all companies offer.

In most states, they offer some sort of pet coverage. So if you have a pet with you and then the car and they get injured in an accident, you’ve got a little bit of coverage for that as well. That’s on top of them offering for you to have additional equipment. So if you’re like me, when I was younger, I had a stereo in my car. I had the Subwoofers.I was like, boom, yeah, buddy. I was that kid, right?

 Wanted more money applied.

And so I wanted more money applied to that if I was in an accident. So I had about 1000 $502,000 worth of tech equipment that I put into the vehicle. And if you have additional equipment, maybe it’s just handicapped accessible vehicles and different things like that. But when you have those additional progressive offers a little extra policy for that that you can purchase that gives you that. The other piece that I really love about them is not everybody’s doing the ride  share.

So if you do any type of Uber, any type of lift, any type of delivery as long as it’s not a delivery of goods, you’re driving people around and whatnot they’re going to offer a gap portion where your current policy doesn’t necessarily cover situations and the Progressive policy would. They’ve got and coined the phrase Snapshot. That’s what everybody knows.

Telematics system is called Snapshot, where they’ll track your driving,  give you a discount if you’re a good driver. I’m an amazing driver. Why won’t they give me a discount? No one ever drives my car, I’m amazing, blah, blah, blah, blah. Great. Prove it, right? If you prove it, you get a discount. So if you’ve ever heard of vanishing deductible, this is kind of the opposite of that where what they do is when you don’t have a claim, you pay a little bit more premium, but they’re going to put $50 every six months in to a savings account until that hits your deductible.

So if you ever have a claim, it’s going to wipe out the fact that you have to pay a deductible.If you’re not going through an agent and you just want to go to yourself, you’re going to get that. Name your price tool. Don’t love it, but it’s a really cool thing because it allows you to choose what you can afford to pay, and it just removes coverage in the best fashion that it know show to to give you the lowest price possible.

So if you’re like, I can only pay$100 a month versus I want these coverages,I would sacrifice the deductible myself more. But their system is going to chop away little pieces here and there to try to get you down to that price that you need to be on top of that, they also do small comparisons. Typically when they show you a price they’ll show All state or State Farm and some of the other competitors so you can see what other pricing options there are.

So if you’re not annoyed with all the things, there’s amazing more stuff if you’re willing to stay through the video, definitely right now. Take a moment. Tell me out of those, which sound the most interesting to you? So these guys are so versatile. It’s that part. But I’m also working directly with them along with other companies. So it’s not to say that other companies aren’t doing great because there are a lot of really good companies. It’s just the way that Progressive handles things. We just went through what’s called a pip reform in Michigan, and Progressive really dived in and dug deep and said, okay, here’s how we’re going to handle this. I’ve got some companies I’m still scratching my head, like, what are we doing with this?

We’re going to have an E and O claim, an Arizona Mission claims if we don’t get this figured out. So some of these companies just didn’t get a good handle on that where Progressive said, here’s what we’re doing. Here’s what we expect. Here’s how you do it. And that was very helpful. It’s almost to the point where you really didn’t have to think about it twice. You just could do it. So outside of the car insurance, they offer home insurance.
That’s a hugely valuable piece and they’re very competitive with home insurance. The problem that you’re going to run into is they have a couple of different home insurance companies. So they’ve got really two of them that I know of, they have something called homesite and they have something called ASI. Those are two different companies and depending on which one you go with, there are different prices.

Now ASI I’ve really only dealt with because it’s through agents and through directly through an agent who usually shops multiple companies. That’s what that link below does.
So if you go through the home site, that is typically when you’re going online and filling that out. Now, they may offer the ASI. I’m not 100% sure on that part, but I’m pretty sure that the home site is just the online version of it backing up. So talking about the home, they have really good discounts. They give a discount for being a homeowner alone in most states. They also give a discount for having updates more so than other companies.

what just happened?

I’ve seen them happen. And the really cool part is when I’m quoting them an agent and I go to buy that policy, all of a sudden the price goes down. I’m like, what just happened? It’s because Progressive is one of the proactive companies that actually look into reporting systems and finds out, oh my goodness, they did an update on their home. So we’re going to give them more of a discount because of that reason.

So even if you didn’t know it and I didna know it, and maybe you just bought the house, you might even get a better deal because of that. So because I mainly do personal lines,
I’ve got a little cheat sheet here. I’m just going to tell you some of the other pieces that Progressive offers because every piece that you add to their policy gives you more and more of a discount. The biggest one is home and auto. The next one is having an umbrella. And then they do motorcycles, they do commercial auto, and they do boat insurance.

They do all-terrain vehicles, recreational vehicles, boats, which is personal, watercraft, snowmobiles, motorcycles, segway insurance, umbrellas which is a liability, golf insurance, business insurance, classic cars, mobile homes, and condos. Mobile homes are in some states, flood insurance, they do health insurance, they do short-term home insurance, travel, it just keeps going. Pet insurance, phone device, ID theft, dental, vision, all of that.

Depending on the state that you live in, progressive offers a lot of stuff if you’re looking for an overall great company that will give you a good price. Also, they’re going to take care of all of the other lines of business that you need so you don’t have to worry about? Is my home with them? Is my auto with them?

Am I getting the best deal? Am I taking care of correctly? I highly recommend that you go through an agent, not that it’s wrong to go through the web. From what I’ve seen is most people that go through the web don’t know the coverage, and they just kind of do the pick your price tool and they end up hurting themselves at the end.

You go to file a claim, you realize you didn’t have the right coverage for it. Now you hate Progressive, even though it wasn’t their fault in the first place. So with them being in the top five in the nation in general, you can kind of see where I went with this and why I chose Progressive. It’s not just that they offer a whole bunch of products and they’re just throwing things out there for you to do. It’s that they know what they’re doing. And I more often than not, I may sell a policy with either AAA or Citizens or Safeco or one of those guys,

but usually, I always default when I have, like, a motorcycle or a snowmobile or any of those additional vehicles. I find that Progressive is easier to work with as far as the agent side of it. Plus they’re typically more competitive price-wise. Now, it’s not a big gamut because motorcycles are only a certain amount, and all the other toys and accessories don’t typically get that high-end cost.
So I may save them 20 or $30 a year, but at the end of the day, when I’m an agent shopping for the best price for my client, I want to make sure that I offer them the best option. So maybe they were a better fit or profile for this company here, but I knew that Progressive was still going to take care of them on the other side,

so they’re willing to back me up there. This also leads me in to another future possibility. When they’re not a fit for that company that’s looking for the perfect driver, the perfect everything, and their 16-year-old gets in an accident, and now they hate that person, right? They’re like, prices went up way high, and so now I can shift them over to Progressive easily because they like them, they’ve dealt with them.
It’s easy to use, and if they’re a better fit in that case, then it’s going to be a better experience overall. If you guys got advice, I need your comments below. Let me know what part of this video stood out for you. What were you most interested in? I am doing more reviews on companies more often, so every week I’m going to talk about some sort of car or home or umbrella or some personalized type of insurance company and dive in deep. I’ll research so you guys don’t have to. I’m marked with think insurance.

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