what is Rippert cryptocurrency?

what is Rippert cryptocurrency?

So welcome to the next three guys and this show, we’re going to talk a little bit about Ripple.

So what is Rippert?

Warrigal is another cryptocurrency. It runs on its blockchain. And as you can see here, it’s number four on coin market cap, with a total market capitalization of twelve point three dollars billion at the time of recording this video. Now, the cryptocurrency itself has a circulating supply of 38 billion REPL tokens. The ripple token itself is called zappy.

As we can see here. This is the ticker symbol for this cryptocurrency with a total supply of 99 billion and a maximum supply of 100 billion Zapato. Now, Rebel is a cryptocurrency that sits in an interesting space when compared to another cryptocurrency like Bitcoin or even Ethereum, as it’s a cryptocurrency that’s targeting the banking and the corporate sectors. So essentially what people are trying to do is they’re trying to target global payments and remittances within the banking sector.
So traditionally, sending money overseas can be lengthy, it can be costly, it can be cumbersome as
well.So people kind of aim to be like a digital liquidity network, allowing banks and financial institutions to use the repo platform to use the blockchain and the Zopp token in exchange for traditional fiat currencies to allow these payments to be sent quickly around the world and for really low costs.

So Ripple has its blockchain.

It doesn’t operate on the theory and blockchain, and it doesn’t operate on the bitcoin blockchain.
They self-developed their blockchain specific for the sectors that they’re targeting.
So what people are actually trying to achieve there, they’re using the blockchain to try and solve
a problem within that banking sector. It’s very different from what Theron’s doing and it’s very different to Bitcoin, Bitcoin being distributed, decentralized currency. So people are a good example of how the blockchain technology and that distributed form of information and public storage on the blockchain instead of using a centralized database.

And how this new business model can transform other industries. So that’s pretty much it for repo guys and that’s it for all the cryptocurrency. We’re going to cover currently over thirteen hundred different cryptocurrencies.But the process we followed in examining each one of these cryptocurrencies is the same kind of process you should follow as well. When you’re looking at investing in a particular cryptocurrency, there are just so many factors and different criteria that can be applied when looking at potential cryptocurrency to buy. It’s just a matter of what works for you and what methodology you come up with, the bets that best
suits your investment strategy.


say a huge things from me to you, and I really hope you got some value out of this cause I really hope you enjoyed it. And if you decide not to get into cryptocurrency, I hope at a minimum that you learn something about cryptocurrency and block time and about investing as well. It really is just such a crazy, exciting and amazing world. And we’re so early in the adoption. There are just some incredible opportunities to be had.

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