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Tips to Grow YouTube Channel By Comments.

todays article, Tips to Grow YouTube Channel By Comments. I want to introduce you to a commenting growth method for YouTube Channel to earn more money  that’s going to help you get more brand exposure and get more subs potentially more more views obviously and at least grow awareness in your niche. Okay.

So what is it and how can you utilize it.

Well basically what it is is commenting on other related channels to get more visibility and free traffic potential views and subscribers. Okay. So what I want you to do is I want you to figure out you know who’s got your potential viewers who’s got your potential customers in your niche. Right. So if me first specifically right. So we’ve covered this before. I’m in online arbitrage and reselling. So I would identify maybe and you don’t need to go crazy in the beginning maybe start with like five to 10.

Then slowly add five to 10 more every week or something like that right. Until you get to like 100 and you don’t have to go crazy but you can obviously scale this up to whatever you want to do it and get more brand exposure in this way. Okay. So I might go identify maybe you know five to 10 all the way up to 100 potential other channels that are all all the same similar niches me all based in online arbitrage or recycling right. I’m going to go there.

I’m not subscribe to them and I’m going to hit the bell notification.

Tips to Grow YouTube Channel By Comments. What’s that going to do. Well I’m going to get notified now when these people drop videos as soon as they do. Right. Because I have the SOB and the bell notified right. So I’m going to go there to their video as soon as I get the sub or the bell notification I’m going to upload I’m going to go to their video watch a little bit and then comment with something thoughtful and insightful or thoughtful and insightful and now keep this in mind I see this on I used to see this on my channel when I used to do this a lot more don’t go to a video and just comment.

Just a comment to be seen. People are smart. Customers are smart and people will know that you’re doing that and it’s going to look horrible for your brand. OK. So it’s very very different two sides of the spectrum going there utilizing this and trying to get something out of everybody and get subs and get views and get subscribe and get you know potential brand awareness by going and literally commenting something right away without even watching the video ISIS SEE RIGHT THROUGH THOSE PEOPLE EVERY SINGLE TIME THEY’D comment on my video. I mean like you didn’t watch it clearly. OK.

So yes you want to Southern belle. Yes you want to go there practically immediately or within the first hour. And yes you want to comment something excite insightful and thoughtful but watch the video or at least watch a couple minutes of the video so you can comment something insightful OK don’t comment something random just the stand out because people will see right through that. OK.

Now you can use the little asterisks here. So Asterix and then what you want what you want to say and then Asterix at the end to stand out what that’s going to do is it’s going to bold your text. If you’ve ever seen that that’s how you do that. There’s other ways that you can stand out on YouTube but that’s my favorite. Don’t do that every time though don’t be the bold guy otherwise that will annoy people as well.

how does the youtube algorithm work 2022.
how does the youtube algorithm work 2022.

Tips to Grow YouTube Channel By Comments.

Use it sporadically use it sparingly and use it to stand out here and there to get more brand exposure potential eyes on your on your your potential channel. Now you’re never gonna go somewhere and be like hey subscribe to my channel because people are not going to subscribe your channel and you’re going to be that guy right or that girl don’t do that. But if you go and you subscribe and you start building up awareness and the same people that are frequenting those videos are clearly going to be interested in your niche as well. And videos that you’re creating on that content.

So maybe they could potentially click on your channel or because it literally shows your name and your channel there. And it’s also going to show your subscriber count. So maybe eventually they get curious and they decide I’m gonna see what this guy’s all about and they click on your channel and they happen to realize that you’re making similar content to what they’re also interested in and that is you how you use the commenting growth method to get potential views subs and potential brand awareness.

So just like Gary V kind of made this thing famous on Instagram right. He had that dollar eighty strategy where he was like go to 90 related other Instagram posts and give you your two cents. Hence the dollar eighty to gain exposure in that niche. Same overall method just with YouTube.

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