What are the different types of car insurance and How much you buy?

What are the different types of car insurance and How much you buy?

Every in his life face issue due to some family problem or any other other he need some help during this conditions .and insurance help during that positions Now let see how many types of car insurance is , there are primarily two different


Types of car insurance.

1. comprehensive car insurance
2. third party car insurance.

comprehensive car insurance

Now you will hear that there aremany different types of car insurance.They will talk about gap insurances, liability insurances, medical insurances.All these can be summarized under two primary categories comprehensive car insurance, which gives you insurance in case something happens to your car, as well as the person that has had an accident with you.

Third party car insurance

Third party car insurance does not protect your car.It only protects the person whose car got damaged.So if you hit someone, that person’s car gets repaired.Yours doesn’t.That’s third party insurance.However, if someone hits you, their insurance company will take care of your car expenses.So there are two basic types of car insurance comprehensive and third party.All other different types of car insurance would come under one of these two categories.Keep an open mind when you’re studying carinsurance or trying to understand car insurance.In general, there are twocategories comprehensive and third party.

How much car insurance should you buy?

Now, the general rule of thumb is you should be buying at least the minimum requirement as per the lawin your state, country, or in your jurisdiction.So, for example, if you’re based inDubai, you’re supposed to have a minimumof third party liability insurance.However, in certain other countries, that would change.So make sure that you’ve got the minimum legal requirement as your basic car insurance.However, it’s always recommended to have enough car insurance that protects the value of your car.So if you did have a serious accident,you would need a replacement of your car.So always try to have the value of your car insured, but that’s your personal decision.How much insurance you should buy depends on the loan.How much insurance should you buy?The rule of thumb is you should at least by the valueof your car, so that in case you did lose your car,it’s not a cheap asset, it’s quite an expensive asset.Try to have it replaced incase you have a major accident.























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