What are tokens and how are they used for cryptocurrency?

What are tokens and how are they used for cryptocurrency?

A theorem is almost more like a share and that a theorem is produced to reward miners who verify transactions on a decentralized, smart contract network. Now, some other examples are light coin lite coin is a currency the same as Bitcoin. It was a fork of the Bitcoin blockchain quite a few years ago. We have Dasch now. Dasch is a currency as well. It is a privacy currency. We have neon and Neo is similar to Ethereum, where it is a platform for decentralized applications.

But it can be the decentralized applications can be built using a variety of different programming languages. Now, Neo’s a good example to use here about its tokens usability, because if you hold the neo token,

how are they used?

you can actually store that in a wallet and get a dividend.
Now the dividend is called gas.
The gas is produced at a rate depending on how much Neoh you actually hold.
So all these tokens all have different use cases.
Some of them are currencies.

Some of them are used in the blockchain ecosystem, which will go into further in other locations. But every single one has a story and every single one has a different purpose. So that is a definition and that is the purpose of a token.


say a huge things from me to you, and I really hope you got some value out of this cause I really hope you enjoyed it. And if you decide not to get into cryptocurrency, I hope at a minimum that you learn something about cryptocurrency and block time and about investing as well. It really is just such a crazy, exciting and amazing world. And we’re so early in the adoption. There are just some incredible opportunities to be had.

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