what is a digital marketing

what is digital marketing marketing to connect with the target audience through various platforms channels and media digital marketing consists of digital channels such as content marketing search engine Optimizer email marketing social media marketing mobile marketing and so on to create set in those strategies to read and connect with prospects and customers in the most effective way to connect with the target audience because now a days many people are on social media and digitally connected somehow and they spend the most time on the internet.

so it’s some very best way and most efficient way to connect with your audience through digital platform nowadays average consumer consume any product or even buy a product only because the sea the advertisement on certain media like a television computer tablet smartphone radio and other traditional media this constant exposure to reduce type of media has led to information overload further complicating the buyer’s journey marketing has a loud brands to stay relevant by making themselves visible through different channels and touch points from traditional marketing channels are just Aliza newspaper billboards and so on marketers use 20 digital channel to guide prospects through their purchase journey and keep in touch with their existing customer before whenever an advertisement was going on TV radio or even we see the banners on the roadside we will not be getting the idea from where we are getting the traffic who are our customers are or are they are giving a response or not but now through digital marketing every single customer who Even and Odd or even touched our and or click on advertisement directly get the analysis of how many people have came they want the event show their interest for how long they stayed in there in their advertisement every single detail idea from their geography there is group from the device is the use everything didn’t know so that like this it become more easy before when it was about India it’s about Saam TV news paper we are not knowing who is watching us how they are responding for how long they are a want you now and but now is more easy because whenever we see any advertisement on our screen we like to click there you like to stay if you don’t like me just wipe out. Find the product or whatever your experience is whatever your actions are there recorded and help any marketing team to observe their customers better and to know who their target customers are from which Geography De belong to what are their interest how flexible they are everything then go through digital marketing that’s why does the marking now is very very important for everyone so here we have 3 what is digital marketing.

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