What is an Artificial Intelligent (AI) bot?

What is an Artificial Intelligent (AI) bot?


As I mentioned in my last view that the matter that we’ll be using is to generate income passively by trading in crypto and using an artificial intelligent thought. Now the question is that what actually is an artificial intelligence bought. What is an Artificial Intelligent (AI) bot? I bought in I bought or an artificial intelligence bot is a bot which has the capability of learning patterns and doing those things for which you actually have to be present. So it does things automatically for you without your presence. If you are not using the artificial intelligence bot in trading crypto, you have to be actually therein doing the trade.

For instance, you have to buy and sell at a given time. Suppose the price of a particular cryptocurrency increases. You have to sell it, and the price of a particular cryptocurrency decreases. You should be there in front of the screens to buy it. Now that is a huge task for a full time job for a person to do the day trader we call it, or those who are doing daily trading in cryptos.  You can Google and see they have actually a lot of screens in front of them with all these charts and patterns, and they are observing all of them all the time.

Because if they miss the opportunity, what happened is that they would not be able to earn profit. Now that problem is solved. First, of course you have to be. You have to have the knowledge of crypto in this case, which I’m going to share with you in this complete course is that you don’t have to have the knowledge of crypto one positive point. The second one is that you don’t have to be in front of the screen to do buying and selling. Why? Because an artificial intelligent board will do that for you. So an artificial intelligence bot would be using Royal Kubert. We there may be other boxes outside to so far is the best book based on my experience, which can earn profit for you consistently and very reasonable return at a very reasonable return. So what is it that it will do the trading for you?

And sometimes it can do hundreds of trades for you without you being monitoring it, without you being present at that time and doing the trades, they just give the permission to the bot to do the trading for you. The other two you see on the other side, which is Binance and Huobi.

The  Artificial Intelligent (AI) bot? bot is actually capable at this moment to do trading either in Binance’s exchange or hub exchange.So what you have to do is you have to first open an account in Binance if you can or you can open an account in Horby out or know people who have open account in both these exchanges. These are the exchanges for crypto, by  the way, in both these exchanges, and they are actually trade. They are letting the bot trade on both the exchanges. A bot knows when to buy and when to sell it. As a profit ratio. 

We should be discussing over the coming few lectures that how does the bot do that?


But for now, it’s a very intelligent board. It has the capability of learning. It learns from the background and it closes the deal. It closes a particular transaction at a very nice point where you can get the profit and it again buys back for you and sell sells again and so on. And so it automatically does that many, many times in a day. Sometime when I wake up in the morning, I see that the bot has done 70 transactions, 80 transactions, hundreds of transactions. That depends on how much money you have in your brain. And so it’s an artificial intelligence bot which can do trading for you using Artificial Intelligent (AI) bot.

If you have not yet downloaded it downloaded, register it using the code and then you will see that I would be there to mentor you, to guide you, to make sure that the bot earns maximum profit for you.

There are many strategies that we use.

We tell the board and then the bot follows those strategies in order to execute trade for you.

So in this Article, I want to just tell you quickly what is an artificial intelligence bot in order?

Are the exchanges that we’ll be looking into? Binance, I’m going to show you my coming lectures. What is Binance and how to open an account in Binance if you have not yet opened an account? And you can also look into Huobi, how to open an account in Horby and then how to buy coins or how to deposit amount in these two exchanges in order to connected with the royal couple.


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