what is Investment

What is investment what does investment mean.

Hi there, let us start with that first and foremost important topic of the mutual fund cities before we begin understanding about mutual funds is important to build a base as to why investment is important at first instance. Yes, you heard it right. Until and unless we know why investment is important for us, we cannot jump our guns on two mutual

Most important two mutual fund investment.

  • funds.
  • Lalage.

So let me begin with the one of the most famous and my personal favorite quotes by Warren Buffett.

  1. Never depend on single income.
  2. Make investment to create a second source.
  3. Yes, please read it again.
  4. It is a very important goal.
  5. Should never depend on single income, make investment to create a second source.
  6. So let me start with my topic.

which is the best way to achieve long-term financial goals.

Why is  investment  important to achieve financial goals such as your child’s marriage, buying a penthouse or might be other dreams that we all have as a human? Second point is to grow money, to grow money.

Why Investment is really important.

We all know the power of compounding. If not, it’s fine. I will be having that, including in my upcoming slides as well. Third point, why highlight? I highlighted blue early retirement. Yes, it is also possible if we do a judicious and soundproof investment. I know now most of you might be convinced with the idea of investment. Yes, early retirement. It sounds good to our ears.


how to invest in mutual fund.

So yes, it is possible by investment. Save for emergency. Emergency does not know at all before coming. It might come up any time. Life is unpredictable. We don’t know what’s going to happen the very next day. At times we might have a financial burden on us, which is or animal savings or income that we own.

So it’s better to invest and capitalize the investment invested in money in case of emergency that comes away.

The point is to beat inflation.

Inflation means rising price of the commodity, a product, anything. So let’s let me pick an example for you.

So I went to a supermarket to purchase vegetables, and the vegetables that I produce were Prasert rupees, 10 rupees per kaiji.

Next month, when I again go to the supermarket and purchase the vegetable in, the vegetable price goes up to 15 to Berg. So there is a sharp rise of pain to people cagy. But my income remained the same because the increment or you might be into business, it depends on income usually does not change on a monthly basis. It changes in a six months or a year. So to beat inflation, it’s really, really important to invest. Last but not the least, second source of income. So we already discussed this point in the Warren Buffett quote as well.

It is a second source of income.

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