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YouTube Content Ideas for Best views.

So I want to give you some insight on how you can come up with more content ideas if you’re struggling for that. Now I know when a lot of people start there’s either two sides of the group right. Either you have a lot of content ideas or you have practically none you’re struggling to constantly come up with content ideas to make new videos. Right.

YouTube Content Ideas for Best views.

We’re Gardels if you’re even on the side where you have a lot of content ideas. There will be a time I promise you when you come across you know running out of ideas and kind of strapping for you know looking for other potential good video ideas to make. So today we’re going to talk about good ways that you come out with content ideas. If you’re struggling so first and foremost is other similar channels most popular videos right.

So look at other similar channels that are in your niche and look at their most popular videos you can go to that by literally going to their channel clicking on video sorting by most popular and looking at what’s worked for them right. So keys here are they have to be similar are they happy related in your niche and they have to be the relevant size of your channel right.

If your is only a thousand subscribers and you’re looking at a channel with 500000 thousand subscribers their most popular videos are not going to be a good indicator of what can potentially work for you because or for you because you don’t have the same channel authority right now if you have a thousand subscribers and you’re looking at a channel that’s similar in each with 10000 then that’s a little bit better of an indicator because they’re not that much higher than you on that spectrum. Right.

So use your judgment other similar channels look at their most popular videos and make sure that they have a similar sub count than you or they’re not crazily ahead of you right. So you can also use the search bar to come up with topics around a niche that people are searching for. So for me for example if we go to YouTube and this is super underutilized and a lot of people use to teach it but a lot of people get away from it now because they think it’s like Oh my God we’re in the future and it doesn’t really work anymore but it still works very very well. Right. So you come to the search bar and you literally type in.

If I were trying to come up with a content idea my channel my main channel is based on like online arbitrage reselling stuff like that. Right. So what I would type in is like reselling and see what pops up reselling sneakers. It’s telling me literally YouTube is telling me that this is what it thinks I’m searching for because the majority people type in reselling sneakers though a lot of people typing and reselling on eBay a lot of people are typing and reselling business.

So what I could say is maybe I come up with a content idea of like how to start a reselling business for beginners.

And that might be a good idea.

Reselling on POS Mark how to get started reselling IPOs mark for beginners. Right. How about let’s go to online arbitrage and see what pops up. So all non arbitrage for FBA online arbitrage sourcing and keeping money if you want to look at the competition on these. So if we go back to like reselling for example reselling sneakers let’s go to reselling on POS Mark because that’s obviously popping up enough. So what I want to look at is what are these the channel sizes are these people that are ranking what are the views and how long has it been since they posted them. Right.

This girl got sixty thousand views seven months ago. I’ll gladly take that. But is it something I can potentially rank for if I make a similar video that’s just as good or if not better on this right. And then basically ranking on this actual search term. Right. So and keep in mind this is evergreen. OK.

So if you’re going after things like that it might very well could you know kind of pop off and and go viral very very fast because there’s obviously search traffic for it but when you’re looking for you know something like this like search traffic it’s going to be Evergreen. Right.

So whatever green means is its long term it’s going to bring consistent views over the long term of your channel right. So it’s going to consistently build out that view count over that number and maybe you get to that 60000 thousand potentially in seven months like this is showing instead of you know the 60000 in the one month and then it drops off and you don’t get any more views. Right.

So it’s Evergreen. Keep that in mind. I like Evergreen concept. Don’t get me wrong. Go out the viral videos as well I’m on to talk about that here in a second but evergreens always the way to go it’s gonna bring consistent views consistent traffic and leads to your business and your YouTube channel and consistent ad revenue so it’s not spiking all the time it stays relatively the same and continues to grow slowly. OK so this girl has 43000 subscribers roughly I have about twenty six I think currently at the time of filming this so definitely rankle potentially if I made a similar video on this how I’m a four thousand in one month selling posh Mark which I have done before I don’t do it every single month but I have done that before I can make a similar video on potentially ranked that. Right.

So 41 brands that sell on POS mark for 50 dollars. I don’t really I couldn’t make a video on that because I don’t read necessarily have an expertise on that per say I could make a similar video but I wouldn’t really want to. Here’s one right here a year ago one hundred and forty one hundred eighty thousand views posh selling tips top seller I could clearly make this video because I know a lot about Polish market reselling. I also am a top seller myself so let’s see if we have similar channel up channel authority and I can potentially rank a video and search like this fifty two thousand point eight subscribers I have about twenty six thousand. She has more than me about double but it’s not that crazy it’s not like I’m looking at like you know twenty six thousand like one hundred twenty six thousand it should just double my my subscriber count

so it’s something I could potentially go after and I might actually save this potentially to see I’ve been putting in my walks later to see if I maybe want to make that video later. So that’s another way you can do it. Like we talked about similar channels and most popular videos right. Or use the search bar to come up with topics around in the niche that people are already searching for.

For evergreen viewership and Evergreen view. OK. Another great way is go to Google Trends. We all know how to go to Google Trends You can do that on your phone. Download the Google Trend app or simply go to Google Trends on your phone on your browser or you can go to the the the computer version of Google Trends and literally look through the trends. But the key is to pick something that’s related to your niche. OK.

Perfect example is you know I’m I live around Philadelphia in the suburbs of Philadelphia. So I love the Sixers obviously right. So one thing I see I saw recently was like Ben Simmons was like trending on on Google trends right. But I can’t make a video on Ben Simmons even though I know a lot about it even though I care about it even though it’s trending and I potentially could get views because there’s nothing to do with my channel.

So Google trends that are related to your channel and your niche. Another great way to come up with content ideas that are going to get you good views. And finally the last way and probably the best way is to literally use YouTube as if you were yourself. Now if you’re creating a channel then chances are you’re also a user of of YouTube yourself. Right. You like it. OK.

So what you want to do is you want to use YouTube as a viewer yourself. You want to subscribe to other similar channels in other related channels that are in your niche and you want to see what tends to be suggested to you and tends to be doing well for them right. If you’re subscribed to like for me for example I’m all night arbitrage I said that a million times and you’re going to hear it a million more times.

OK so if I’m subscribed it online arbitrage I want to subscribe to about 20 potential other people that I like their content. There are also an online arbitrage as well. And our similar channel size to me maybe a little bit bigger maybe a little bit less. But then I want to see what’s suggested to me because when I see a video that’s a week old from somebody that’s similar to me and it’s getting good traction it has good views. Well that’s a perfect potential opportunity if I can make a similar video and I have a similar expertise. And we’re in the same niche which obviously all those things are true for this example.

It’s a perfect example and a perfect opportunity for me to make a video like that assuming obviously that it is in the same learning camp. So that would just indicate that there’s a potential opportunity in the YouTube marketplace for a video like that right now because YouTube is suggesting. OK.

One key here one word of caution. I used to do this when I first started out as well but I didn’t go after only relevant videos. So I would go after anything trending that I saw huge mistake. OK. So I did make my my highest I think ad revenue market was like a twenty five hundred dollar month with a 26000 subscriber channel. That’s pretty good and at the time I think I had like nine thousand subscribers. So I made that twenty five hundred bucks ad revenue one month and then like I think it fell off like 15 hundreds and next month.

And currently I make like maybe eight hundred a month for my channel sometimes a little bit less sometimes a little bit more. It’s trending upward so I’m excited about it. But at that time I was probably earning the 200 or 300 a month. So seeing that ad revenue spike was awesome it was huge but it was a huge mistake because I got a lot of subscribers from that training video.

It was a mystery box video and I made three of them that’s why they kind of dispersed like that. I got millions of views on those videos which what for me was like unheard of. OK. I have since hitting them on my channel for this specific reason and I’m talking about. But I got a lot of use a lot of subscribers and yes a lot of ad revenue but those people did not care about my content.

They did not care about anything else I was making. They certainly didn’t care about reselling or online arbitrage or anything else I had to say they only were there for the mystery box videos they subscribed for the mystery box videos which had nothing to do with my channel. So don’t make the same mistake I did because that torpedoed my channel for the next year and I’m still feeling the repercussions of it because I simply went after a trending video and then it killed my audience and gave in to kill my audience retention because what YouTube does.

Let’s say you have a thousand subscribers. Right. YouTube is not going to push your video out to the feed of all thousand subscribers. It’s just like any algorithm that gets kind of you know seasoned rep what it’s going to do is it might push it out to like a hundred of your subscribers if you have a thousand and run a test phase. Right.

See how they engage with it and if they tend to engage with it well and they start responding to a well liking commenting watching through for enough time and then it’ll push it out potentially to more of your audience and eventually the entire audience. So what I did and what I don’t want you to do is if you’re making training videos or videos that are kind of you know just like we talked about in previous video that are all over the place view are all over the place niche wise and subject wise nobody somebody that comes you’re video from one is gonna subscribe thinking that that’s what the content in the channels about and they’re not going to care about potential future video that’s on a different topic.

So build momentum make similar content stuff don’t chase trends that have nothing to do with your channel. Even if you potentially rank those videos very high because it’s going to kill your engagement. It’s going to murder your channel in the future and make it very very difficult. Come back from. OK.

Don’t make that same mistake I did. So just to recap you can use other similar channels most popular videos you can use the search bar to come up with content ideas for what people are searching for and go after evergreen viewership evergreen viewership excuse me and Evergreen traffic Google Trends is another great way and you can also use youtube yourself subscribe to other similar channels and see what tends to be doing well and is suggested to you just don’t go after trends that have nothing to do with your content or your channel.

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