youtube tags gaming to rank videos.

youtube tags gaming to rank videos.

So now let’s talk about your tags. OK now one of the best tools and there’s two of them and I use them both. They’re both roughly the same I like to Buddy a little bit better but video accusing credible two are.

Best youtube tags finder.

just like I said tube Buddy in vid IQ. OK. So they basically are Google Chrome plugins and you can download them you’ll see. Here’s to buddy right here. Here’s a vid IQ. So let me example out of this and we’ll go over to YouTube really fast and I’ll show you why they benefit you and why they work.

Now tube Buddy great and vid iq is great because they’re gonna give you a lot more information on your channel here’s like the vid IQ plug in here’s the tube buddy plug in and there’s a lot of different things that come with this I’m not going to you know create a tutorial and Vid IQ and to Buddy there’s already two tutorials on them that you can basically utilize but I’ll show you some of the functions that I like and I use to basically get my message across and really help out and grow my YouTube channel.

youtube tags limit.

 Now remember from the last lecture we talked about the 5000 character limit right here. It’s gonna show you that it’s all going to count for you. Same thing per the tags. Right so there’s a 500 character limit in tags. And as you kind of add tags in here it’s going to start counting those for you on how long your character

limit is for tags in youtube videos.

So you know how many you have potentially left. Very very helpful. Now if you don’t want to actually go ahead and download vid IQ or two buddy both of them are 100 percent free. So there are paid versions of them but you don’t need the paid version. I have the paid version I think I’d like the master version of To Buddy I remember what it’s called but you don’t need it you can just use the free version for everything and I’m gonna go over in this.

You don’t need to upgrade if you don’t want to. OK. So to recap right to body and vid IQ are great plugins.

You have a 500 character word count limit. So if you’re not going to use one of these or you don’t want to download them you can go over one of the ways that you can hack that is go over the word counter dot net and it’s going to start counting up all your words for you if you don’t want to actually do that right so same thing as all the others you’re gonna start typing and it’s just going to start character counting your your words.

hashtag tips for Youtube videos.

So you know when you get to that 500 character limit you can literally just copy and paste tags all these and then paste them in. Now you either need to one of the ways that you can do it is let’s say like hashtags right then. Then comma then hashtag abuse then hashtag tips. Right.

These are all separated by commas in a space and then you’re gonna literally paste these in and they’re gonna come in as individual attacks and word counter. So that’s another way that you can hack it. OK. One of the one of the easiest ways to do it is just download the plugins but for whatever reason if you don’t have Google Chrome you don’t use it or you don’t want to use it then just use word counter.

It’s going to help you all out. OK.

longer tail keywords for Youtube videos.

So longer tail keywords are ideal especially when you’re small. So if you’ve a smaller channel that’s like under ten thousand you probably want to shoot for more longer tail keywords than than general ones. Now what I’m going to say to you is you do want to use a mix of general ones and long tail.

So what you want to do is for example like I hear I’m uploading a Mercury video right here. So what I would want to do with this is I will not come up with like a long tail keywords and general keywords right.

So even though I have twenty six thousand subscribers roughly right now let’s X out of this idea why keeps clicking I’m trying hit the X there.

So even though I have 5000 25000 subscribers I would still struggle to rank for something super general like Mercury because it’s too general right. So even if you’re small you don’t want to go after main keywords like this because you’re never going to rank for them. So what you want to do is more long tail which means more potential words in there and longer tail description of that keyword. So maybe I want to go like mercury tips for new sellers how to sell more on recovery right.

And those are longer tail as opposed to just like mercury or mercury tips. Right. So I might rank from Akari tips but it’s gonna be a lot more competitive than ranking for something like mercury tips for new sellers. OK.

long tail keywords when you’re smaller for youtube Channel.

So the key there is you want to mix general and long tail ones but you want to go after more long tail keywords when you’re smaller. It’s going to be easier for free to rank for those and it’s going to help you build momentum cap. Also you want to front load your most important keywords what I mean by that. Because people always ask me what I mean by front load.

Same thing in your description you want to front load a lot of your main keywords in your description is the whatever comes first whatever you type your keywords in first. That’s at the front right front load your main keywords that you’re trying to rank for. That’s really going to help you out.


buddy Explorer for youtube videos.

Now another thing that you can use is you can use the two buddy Explorer that comes that comes with you buddy for free. I’ll show you how to use that second. And that’s gonna give you great tags it’s literally going to break down your in your channel authority and what you potentially rank for it’s going to show you the competition.

It’s a great way to do it. Another way that you can do it if you’re feeling lazy or you’re strapped for time is go to a relevant video that’s also doing well and just copy the tags from there. Right. So I’ll show you how to do both of those. If I run and go try to find a Macari video I would literally type in like mercury tips for beginners. Right.

And I would see what pops up and you do need. Keep in mind you do need either video vit IQ or two bodies extension to copy these keywords but so this was seven months ago and this girl got 70000 views Macquarie’s hips beginners not too too bad. Now this guy has practically no subscribers and he’s gotten sixteen thousand views so maybe I to take this because clearly he either has good tags or you know something’s working with this video. So because I have the two buddy extension in the video queue extension it’s going to pop these up on the side for me and it’s going to show me exactly what his tags are.

I can see what he’s ranking for these tags right. Now I have always tags and hopefully my video will potentially rank just as well if you know the same value same kind of content production quality and everything else and same insight then maybe it can do just as well or significantly better. Or you know at least get it the best chance to do so. OK.

So you can copy the tags from a relevant video if you’re feeling lazy. Another way if you really want to do some in-depth research is click to buddy.

Use keyword explore  for youtube videos to rank.

And remember this is free and then come over to keyword explore and what this is gonna do is it’s going to use your channel Data tab to run your channel authority potential for ranking keywords in search results against other competing videos. It’s going to show you the competition and how you know what.

How many other videos there are and what your chance to rank for that keyword is right. So what if I typed in Macari for beginners and we’ll see what it pops up it’s going to show the overall score so this is a good one.

That you need to rank your videos on youtube.

So it’s a little counterintuitive but the green means good obviously or the red means bad. So you can play around with this it’s going to really really help you out but that’s basically everything that you need to know about tags.

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